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Prince Harry commends his Walking With The Wounded teammates

Prince Harry – who recently returned from his trip to Antarctica after taking part in the South Pole Allied Challenge, which was put on by Walking With The Wounded – gave a speech on Tuesday morning at the Welcoming Home ceremony. He commended his teammates and fellow participants for their courage and “unbelievable achievement”.


During the speech, the fourth in line to the throne was flanked by other participants in the challenge, which saw 12 injured servicemen and women from the UK, US, and Commonwealth travel across the Arctic tundra to reach the southern most point of the globe. Speaking with the international press, Prince Harry said:

“I hope this truly unbelievable achievement by everyone behind me, and back in America, Canada and Australia… will remind everybody that they can achieve anything that they want to. Our wounded, injured and sick do not want pity, they simply want to be treated the same way they were before they were injured – with respect and admiration.”

Robert Johnson noted that Prince Harry “looked emotional” during his speech, and also stated Prince Harry mentioned that “the quote that kept them all going [was] ‘there is no shortcut to any place worth going’.”

Prince Harry is a devoted military man, who has served two tours in Afghanistan and currently holds the rank of Captain. It was recently announced that he would be taking a desk job with the Household Cavalry which will help him to gain experience planning large-scale military honours events. It is thought that this position, while undoubtedly helpful to his role as the son, brother, and uncle of future kings, will put him in a position to later earn a promotion to the rank of Major.

After such a grueling trek, what’s next for the South Pole Challenge teams?

photo credit: Glyn Lowe Photoworks, 2 Million Views, Thanks via photopin cc

  • Karim Sadrudin Juma

    This truly is an accomplishment of any Royal Person in the World to achieve a walk in the South Pole which His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Windsor achieved. Such comradery between the soldiers in a United Front to be positive at all times. Believe me I would have just gone a few steps out in the cold and turned back. Walking with the Wounded Soldiers from United Kingdom, United States of America, and Common Wealth Countries took great Courage which 95% of all of us wish we can do but in reality impossible. The Soldiers as well as His Royal Highness Prince Harry had previous experience that proved the real trick. Some of them had served in Afghanistan and other Allied Countries took place in restoring Order back in the war torn Countries. Its all that counts is that once you get the experience and know how in life about career or hobby or any intention you go fourth.

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