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Prime Minister Timothy Harris avoids meeting Prince Harry

During Prince Harry’s one-day stop to St Kitts and Nevis this past Wednesday, one person was missing; Prime Minister Timothy Harris.
The Prime Minister, who knew of Prince Harry’s visit, left the island three days before Harry arrived and is being shamed for his actions by the opposition party.
Marcella Liburd, Chairman of the opposition St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party was disappointed in the Prime Minister’s “selfishness”. Speaking to WINNFM Liburd said:
“I think it’s highly disrespectful. I’m not a Queen person or a monarchy person but that is beside the point. This is where we are and we should go along with the protocol and show respect.
“I think it’s highly disrespectful for someone representing the Monarchy to come into St Kitts- we knew well in advance- and for the Prime Minister to decide not to be here I think is a show of the type of disrespect that he metes out to people generally, and in this case it doesn’t matter.”
The PM left the country on Sunday, and on Monday, the country was notified that Harris had gone to the Philippines to accept a Gusi Peace Prize Award from a private foundation.
“It also shows his selfishness, because what has he gone for? He left the country; I’m sure nobody knew he left the country, but now we’re hearing that he’s gone to collect some award from some private institution that nobody knows how he got this award or anything.” Liburd continued.
“But again it’s about him; it’s all about him. He first and the country and the people in it can come after. I just think it’s highly disrespectful not to be here at a time like this. I also think it’s significant to note that Sir Edmund Lawrence [former Governor General] is getting his knighthood during this visit so maybe he didn’t want to be here for that either; you never can tell with him.”
Prince Harry was instead greeted by Deputy Prime Minister Shawn Richards and Governor General Sir Tapley Seaton.
Leader of the Opposition, Dr Denzil L. Douglas issued an apology to Prince Harry on the “Issues” programme of popular local radio stations Freedom FM (106.5) and Kyss FM (102.5) : “I want to use this opportunity on behalf of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party to welcome His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales to St Kitts and Nevis. I believe that he was snubbed by the Hon. Prime Minister Dr Harris and I also want to prefer my apology to His Highness for this kind on snubbing by Dr Harris of St Kitts and Nevis.”
Continuing Dr. Douglas said: “This morning hearing him speak glowingly at Brimstone Hill of his grandmother, I believe that Prince Harry expected to have met Dr. Harris when he came to St. Kitts and Nevis.”
No apology from Prime Minister Harris has been issued.

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