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Kensington Palace release statement categorically denying Prince Harry story in British newspaper

Kensington Palace have released a rebuttal statement which categorically denies a story published in The Sun newspaper claiming Prince Harry was against the prosecution of soldiers.

In the strongly worded statement, the Palace say that the Prince “think’s it’s only fair that people know the facts” of the story.

The article published in Monday’s edition of the British tabloid claims that Harry told friends he was against the prosecution of solders.


Monday’s edition of The Sun features the controversial story

The statement in full reads:

“The Sun front page carries a story claiming Prince Harry had told ‘pals’ that he had strong views about a government policy issue around prosecution of soldiers.

“Prince Harry is passionate about work to support veterans and it will be a
cause he champions for the rest of his life. He will always have been proud to have worn an Army uniform and knows first-hand the sacrifices servicemen and women make to protect their country.”

“Prince Harry was painted positively by the paper in this story, but think’s it’s only fair that people know the facts. He has not expresses views on the topic to anyone and he does not believe it would have been appropriate for a member of The Royal Family to have done so. This was very clearly communicated to The Sun prior to publication. Prince Harry does not comment on issues like this because to do so would actually undermine his ability to support veterans both in the UK and overseas.”

The paper, who were contacted by Kensington Palace prior to the story being printed, claim that the Prince said it was ‘a joke’ British soldiers can be charged for war crimes.

It is extremely rare for Kensington Palace to release a statement of this nature and The Sun have yet to respond.

  • AE Robinson

    It’s The Sun. The closest thing we have to The Sun in the Colonies (the U.S.) is either Fox News, or The National Enquirer. In short; cheap tabloid filth enjoyed by the low brow. Gods save Prince Harry, and the entire royal family!

    • Gale Cook

      Query Fox News comment. We listen and watch FoxNews for complete non biased reporting. This Wednesday a respected Fox News employee will be moderating the 3rd and final USA Presidential debate. I would not classify them as ” cheap tabloid”. This company is newer than your other mainstream news reporting broadcasting companies. Yes, God save the Queen and total family.

    • Kimberly

      While Fox News has some personalitys with strong biased leanings, for the most part, we find them to be the most balanced over your CNN, and MSNBC. We would hardly compare them to the tabloid level as our Sun.

    • MaximumUniverse

      Fox News delivers reality. CNN & MSNBC deliver leftist propaganda. The Sun delivers filth & smut. Get it right.

    • Huskystar

      Fox news shows the same stories that the BBC-CNN and others show…

  • Terry Neale

    It’s the sun, might as well have been the Beano. The only thing the sun it’s interested in is how many copies it sells and never let’s truthfulness or facts get in the way.

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