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Prince Charles unveils statue of his grandmother, The Queen Mother

A statue of The Queen Mother has been unveiled by Prince Charles and The Queen.

The bronze statue, which is 9ft and 6in tall now stands in the square of the new area at the edge of Dorchester in the new Poundbury development. The square itself is named after The Queen Mother

It was created by celebrated sculptor Philip Jackson who often acts as the Royal Sculptor. He has previously done works on the statues of King George VI as well as Queen Elizabeth II. Jackson, who met The Queen Mother has previously said that she was a “great spirit”. And that “When you look at the photographs and the footage, you seldom catch her without a smile on her face – it was so obvious that she had the spark of life in her.”

The statue is a replica of The Queen Mother’s statue which stands in the Mall in London. It was chosen by the Prince of Wales who described the statue as a “fitting tribute to my darling Grandmother”. The statue depicts The Queen Mother at the age of 51, although she did go on to live another 50 years.

Excitement built in Dorchester as the royal party toured the town. Poundbury is built according to architecture Prince Charles advocates following the idea that people should be given priority over cars. It is now home to 3,000 people and 185 businesses.

Poundbury is a 25-year project designed to build a classical urban town. The town honours The Queen Mother who Prince Charles was very close with.

Excitement built within the community on Monday as workers raised the statue into position, great care was made to ensure no one caught an early glimpse of the statue.

The royal party including The Queen, Prince Philip, as well as Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall toured Dorchester. During the visit the visited the local Waitrose and attended a private reception. They also met architects involved in the design of Poundbury.

The statue was raised to an excited crowd of Poundbury residents and will now complete the square creating a memorable and meaningful centrepiece.

  • Robin Mills

    A bit disappointed that it is a replica. Something sculpted showing her in her later years would have been, in my view, much more fitting as many younger people under 50 and in their mid 20’s 30’s & 40’s will remember seeing her.

  • tattiehowker

    God bless the late Queen Mother RIP a well loved lady indeed. The Royal Family is one of the few decent things left in the UK
    Muslim infested cities, UK a cesspool of trash from the world sewers, as if there is not enough home-grown scumbags. THEY did not die in the wars to hand over their tiny islands to the garbage of today who infest and degrade the whole UK.

    • J

      Please remind me, if it happens, that I never want to meet you.

      • Pete23

        The only ‘cesspool of trash’ I am aware of frequent Buckingham Palace

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