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The Duchess of Sussex is delighted as she receives her first baby gift

The Duchess of Sussex appeared delighted when she received her first baby gift on Tuesday after announcing the next of her pregnancy.

The Governor-General of Australia, Sir Peter Cosgrove, gifted the Duchess with a toy kangaroo during an official welcoming ceremony at Admiralty House.

On receiving the cuddly toy, Meghan exclaimed: “Our first baby gift!”

This was the first time the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have appeared in public since the news of Meghan’s pregnancy was announced on Monday.

Also at the welcome ceremony at Admiralty House were representatives each of the 18 countries competing at the Invictus Games were also there. The Duke and Duchess spent time greeting each one and receiving well-wishes for their little bundle of joy on the way.

The couple posed with all the representatives and their flags before an official call with the Governor-General and Lady Cosgrove.

From Admiralty House, the Duke and Duchess will conduct a busy morning including the opening of the Taronga Institute of Science and Learning where they will see koalas and joeys. From there they will take a short boat trip across the harbour to the Man O’War Steps.

They will take in a rehearsal from the Bangarra Dance Company, an internationally acclaimed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance troupe.

But perhaps the engagement of the day that most locals are looking forward to is the walkabout at the Sydney Opera. This will be the first time Harry and Meghan will get the chance to interact with the public on their 16-day tour but not the last as many walkabouts have been included in the schedule.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they are expecting they are expecting their first child in Spring 2019. As she has just passed her 12-week, she could be due towards the last half of April 2019. However, as we all know, babies have a mind of their own and nothing is ever set in stone.


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