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Prince Harry: Thanks to my military service, my life has changed for the better

In an interview with the BBC, Prince Harry revealed that his military service had changed his life for the better due to the sights he saw and the feelings he experienced.

When asked whether he would have still founded the Invictus Games if he did not serve in the military, Harry said: “Probably not. I would never have had that moment when I flew back from Afghanistan and where I was confronted with seeing British soldiers in induced comas with missing limbs. I would never have seen or felt it.

“So I think serving gave me a profound understanding of what service, duty and sacrifice mean. So thanks to my service, my life definitely changed for the better.”

In a wide-ranging interview from Toronto, the Prince said that “there is a massive buzz across the city,” for the Invictus, adding “Toronto is a city that has embraced the games.”

He said: “Its a joy for me to meet so many new people and kids are loving it.

“I met some kids who couldn’t go to Orlando last year, fancy that not being able to go to Orlando? But they are here this year and are absolutely loving it.”

When asked whether Invictus had changed his life, Harry replied: “Yes they have changed my life. Having a huge appreciation for service and duty is a life-changing moment. Anyone who has served in uniform will be able to testify to that.

“To wear your nation’s flag on your arm or chest and to be part of a team and learn skills is lacking in the world today and these people who serve are fantastic role models who we should be looking up to.”

But what does the future hold for the Invictus Games? For Harry, it is about reaching out to injured service personnel who haven’t considered taking part before.

He said: “For us, it is not necessarily about growth, as long as it is achieving its goal. In many cases, our biggest effort is making sure we can reach the hardest to reach people.

“There are some people who come forward very easily, but it is the ones stuck on the sofa and the ones finding it hard to leave the house that we really want to come to the games.”

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