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Neo-Nazi group calls for Prince Harry’s assassination for marrying Meghan

A British offshoot of American neo-Nazi group has demanded the Duke of Sussex to be assassinated for marrying former American bi-racial actress, Meghan Markle in May.

The group has claimed that Prince Harry is a “race traitor” for marrying Meghan. British counter-terrorism police are now investigating the violent group known as Sonnenkrieg Division.

Photo by Alexi Lubomirski/The Duke and Duchess of Sussex via Getty Images

Sonnenkrieg Division posted a propaganda photo of the Duke of Sussex with a gun to his head. It also features a Swastika and the caption “See ya later, race traitor!”

A North East Counter Terrorism Unit spokesperson said, “We are aware of the BBC coverage last night around Sonnenkreig Division and enquiries are ongoing,” to the Independent.

The BBC began an investigation into the group and found hundreds of messages that have been sent between extremists on an online gaming server. These messages include some sent by senior members of the American neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen (“atomic weapons” in German) Division, which has been linked to five murders. The group is known to celebrate Adolph Hilter, as well as Charles Manson. They are known to promote the dystopian ideology “universal order” and have called for the overthrow of the United States government through terrorist means and guerilla warfare. The goal is to establish a Nazi state.

Small in number, it is only believed to have 24 to 80 members who are known to have training in hand to hand combat and with weapons.

The BBC shared their investigation with police, and three people have been arrested on suspicion of planning terrorism. They were apprehended in coordinated raids across England. According to the Independent, the three arrested have been accused of being members of Sonnenkreig Division.

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