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Meghan Markle to spend Christmas with The Queen at Sandringham

Meghan Markle will spend Christmas with The Queen and other members of The Royal Family at Sandringham this year the Christmas celebrations.

According to The Times, Prince Harry asked his grandmother for an exception to the unwritten rule that fiancées are not welcome to spend Christmas at Sandringham.

The Duchess of Cambridge was not invited to Sandringham at Christmas when she got engaged to Prince William. Miss Middleton, as she was known at the time, instead opted to spend the festive season with her parents in Berkshire.

Analysis by Charlie Proctor

Being invited to spend Christmas with The Queen certainly shows that Meghan is being welcomed as part of the family.

She will be the first royal fiancée to spend Christmas with The Queen – a significant accolade

I do wonder whether Meghan knows what she is letting herself in for though!

If it were me, I would spend my last Christmas of freedom as far away from Sandringham as possible, in California with family.

From next year, Meghan will be a Duchess – this is her last Christmas as a member of the public – she should certainly make the most of it.

The newly engaged couple are expected to stay at Sandringham from Christmas Eve until Boxing Day. They will then depart for America to spend new year with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland.

Members of The Royal Family usually arriving at Sandringham a day or two before Christmas Day. They will be greeted with a timetable of events and be shown to their rooms before joining Her Majesty and other members in one of the drawing rooms for tea.

It is on Christmas Eve that the family exchange presents – though, by convention, gifts tend to be humorous and not of material value, with The Queen wishing to retain the core values of family at Christmas.

Christmas day itself will consist of breakfast, before the annual Christmas church service with the whole family at Sandringham Parish Church – the only public appearance for the family at Christmas. The family will later return to the house before the traditional Christmas dinner is served.

Guests will then sit down to watch The Queen’s Christmas message on television at 3pm, with The Queen apparently leaving the room to watch it alone.

Members of the Royal Family will stay with The Queen at Sandringham until at least Boxing Day when the traditional Boxing Day shoot takes place. The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh will remain at Sandringham until after Accession Day (6th February), with the Duke typically staying on longer than Her Majesty.

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