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102-year-old veteran praises Prince Harry

When 102-year-old Veteran, Sgt James Norman Baker praised Prince Harry on a live television screen during a wheelchair rugby match, he never imagined what would happen next.

Prince Harry found the World War Two veteran and thanked him for his kind words in regards to Harry setting up the games.

From one veteran to another, Prince Harry held the man’s hand while hearing his story.

Sgt Baker spoke to The Daily Mail, saying: “I wanted to show the athletes my support and enjoy the games. See their spirit.

“They show amazing strength of character as well as body. I think they do a wonderful job.

“It’s important because without this, a lot of them would not be where they are today.

“It’s Prince Harry’s efforts that have encouraged them to find the competitive spirit, self-confidence and join in: make them feel as if they have a place in the world when they could have lost hope.”

Sgt Baker continued on how those fighting during WW2 would have to recover without help, adding on: “Some of them didn’t have anything to live for.

“Harry’s given them [this generation] that spirit.”

Prince Harry finished his conversation with Sgt Baker with making sure he was well taken care of, including a VIP seat for the rest of the game.

Sgt Baker was never expected to fight, but six weeks after D-Day he landed on Juno beach. From there he moved to France, Belgium, Holland and Germany

Prince Charles presented the Royal Regiment at Varsity City, Toronto in 2012 while Sgt Baker was part of, meeting the prince.

Only two days are left of the 2017 Invictus Games, which were started by Prince Harry as a way of giving service men and women a new lease after their time serving.





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