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MP that mocked Prince Harry’s Army career claims Prince Philip has been “unfaithful” to The Queen

The Member of Parliament for Kensington who spoke out against Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has also made allegations against the Duke of Edinburgh it has been revealed.

Emma Dent Coad, the newly elected MP for Kensington, claimed that Prince Philip has been “unfaithful” since his marriage to the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947.

She claims the 96-year-old has been “mucking about for years” and has “not been a faithful husband” while at a Labour Party conference in Brighton.

Ms Dent Coad has since confessed that her comments about Prince Harry “just [sitting] there going ‘vroom vroom'” have been wrong and the army veteran actually does know how to fly an Apache helicopter, she would not back down on calling out the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Evening Standard contacted Ms Dent Coad who stood her ground, saying: “Oh no, shock horror. I’m not going to respond to that, everyone knows what’s going on… I don’t want to get into the detail of it because it’s got out of hand.”

She added: “I was talking about whether taxpayers should fund the royal family.

“I was just poking fun. But we need a proper debate about the royal family. It’s about taxpayer funding. Why are taxpayers funding them? Why can’t I disagree? It seems like we are not allowed to have an opinion.

“I’m being called everything under the sun this morning, getting all sorts of vile abuse. This has opened the gates to hell.”

The MP has also targeted the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at the conference she said that it is “absolutely disgusting” that the Duchess bought jumpers at the cost of £150 each, saying: “That’s a food bill for a family of four.”

She also commented that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are ridiculous.

Ms Dent Coad initially said that Princes Harry and William are “not very bright”, saying: “Just let them drift away, be playboys or whatever.”

  • Lady Martha

    This woman, sadly, is not an honest MP with valid opinions but a toxic toad trying to tear down people’s lives and characters. It’s sad she was elected…

  • Debbie Valenta

    How does one become an MP when you don’t even know the truth of how your Royal Family is funded?

    • Alene Fisher

      You win a vote, no?

  • Mr. Christian

    Statements about Prince Phillip being unfaithful are not new, and were publically aired years ago. Apart from such intrigue as the Profumo Affair, which implicated many Royals there were even more transparent facts about his infidelity. One of the most open and shut cases was his patronizing the Maundy-Tuesday Club. Look it up please before you judge the MP. Also, it was clear that the MP was satirizing Prince Harry–or is it Henry VIII–about his military training, when she said he just sat in the helicopter going “vroom, vroom.” But, again the public record of Prince Harry’s military experience (unlike that of Prince Phillip and Prince Andrew) is clear, that he had been very well guarded from possible enemy fire on both his deployments in the field. Where Prince Phillip had a ship during WW II sunk underneath him, and Prince Andrew with little extra protection faced Exocet anti-ship rockets in the Malvinas War, Prince Harry after qualifying for the Apache helicopter flew around Potemkin Villages. So before attacking the MP from Kensington, I suggest the public record and people’s memories be searched. However, for the MP, I can only say, that she should marshal her facts better; because I do not take such a task as hers lightly and she should do more homework, lest it become yet another media conflab, as “Suits” the paparazzi.

  • Mol

    Vroom vroom- so disrespectful towards anyone who has served. Period. And, how many times is she going to change her story?

  • Heather

    God out of hand !! Poking Fun !! Your an MP at a party conference for goodness sake – grow up!!!

  • Dale Mulkey

    someone needs to brick her up in a closet somewhere

  • pamela traves

    A vile, nasty woman. I do not want to hear from her again!!

    • James Peters

      It’s lucky we don’t hear much from Mrs. Windsor then.

  • val ingram

    If the Labour party had anything about them they would get her to step down. Juvenile behaviour from a person holding a position of power. If the boot had been on the other foot the labour party would have been calling for her resignation

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