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Prince Andrew takes over from the Duke of Edinburgh as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards

The Queen has formally approved the appointment of The Duke of York as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, taking over the Duke of Edinburgh’s responsibilities.

In another relinquishment of his duties, 96-year-old Prince Philip has passed down task of being Colonel of the guards to his son, Prince Andrew,

The Duke of Edinburgh has been Colonel of the Grenadier Guards since 1975.

The Grenadier Guards were formed by King Charles II in Flanders in 1656, and were known as His “Royal Regiment of Foot Guards.”

They have fought in almost every major campaign of the British Army and later became known as the First Regiment of Foot Guards, and now bear the title The First or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards in honour of their defeat of the Grenadiers of the French Imperial Guard at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

The Grenadier Guards have become a symbol of Britain, and are often seen outside of Buckingham Palace wearing their famous bearskin hats which are worn in recognition of their victory at the Battle of Waterloo.

In total, the Grenadier Guards have 78 Battle Honours having served in many battles, including the Napoleonic, Crimean, Boer, First and Second World Wars.

Recently, they were one of the final units involved in ground combat in Afghanistan and continue to serve the country with distinction.

The Duke of Edinburgh retired from public duties earlier this year, and now only makes appearances at a few selected events such as Trooping the Colour.

He conducted his final solo event in August where he attended the Captain General’s Parade in the capacity of Captain General of the Royal Marines.

According to Buckingham Palace, this was his 22,219th solo engagement since 1952.

  • Bramble

    As long as he never takes over as the Duke of Edinburgh..Buffoon of a man..

    • Marg

      Apparently the Queen has said Prince Edward will become Duke of Edinburgh when Phillip dies!

      • Kenneth McMillan

        Yes that is correct

  • Elizabeth Mary

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