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Royal Wedding cake slice sells for $1,375

It was the wedding that captured the hearts of millions and now, 33 years later, a piece of the wedding cake of The Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer has sold at a US auction house for $1,375.

The whole piece of cake, wrapped in its original wax paper & doily, is dated from the wedding day on the 29th July 1981 and remains in the white and silver presentation box, which is decorated with the Prince of Wales’s heraldic badge and a “CD” monogram for “Charles” and “Diana”. The auction lot states that the cake also includes a gift card with the message: “With best wishes from / Their Royal Highnesses / The Prince & Princess of Wales”

Charles:Diana Wedding Cake

The auction was conducted by Nate D. Sanders who is described as “an industry leader in documents and autographs” and is “recognised for his knowledge of sports, historical and Hollywood memorabilia.” Sanders has conducted auctions in Los Angeles since 1990 and now conducts major auctions on a monthly basis.

Billed as the “wedding of the century” and watched by a estimated TV audience of 750 million worldwide, the wedding was one of the most popular programmes ever broadcast and took place at St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The venue was chosen because of its larger seating capacity and permit a longer procession through London compared to the usual venue of Westminster Abbey. The congregation consisted of 3,500 people including dignitaries from across Europe and the Commonwealth.

All of The Queen’s governors-general were present along with the crowned heads of Europe, with the one exception being King Juan Carlos I of Spain. With a stopover scheduled in the disputed territory of Gibraltar as part of the honeymoon, the Spanish government advised him not to attend.

Europe’s elected Heads of State were also all present at the wedding, with the exception of the President of Greece, Constantine Karamanlis, and the President of Ireland, Patrick Hillery,. Greece’s exiled monarch, Constantine II, had been invited as ‘King of the Hellenes’ and a friend of Prince Charles, whereas the dispute over the status of Northern Ireland was the cause for Hillery’s non attendance.

Photo Credit: Nate D. Sanders

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