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Nicholas Witchell risks annoying Prince Charles… again

Veteran Royal Correspondent, Nicholas Witchell, appears to have landed himself in hot water again, after he asked an audience to vote on whether they think the Duchess of Cornwall should become Queen.

Mr Witchell, who has worked for the BBC for 40 years, asked a crowd at the Cheltenham Literature Festival whether they felt “comfortable” with the prospect of Camilla becoming Queen. Of those polled, around half said that they wouldn’t.

The BBC’s Royal Correspondent is famous around the globe for his rocky relationship with the Prince of Wales.

In 2005, Prince Charles called Witchell an “awful man” after he asked him about his upcoming wedding to Camilla Parker Bowles.

In the interview, sitting besides his sons, the Prince was heard muttering: “Bloody people. I can’t bear that man. I mean, he’s so awful, he really is.”

The impromptu poll was carried out at the festival when Mr Witchell was interviewing royal biographer Andrew Norman Wilson. An audience member asked Mr Wilson whether Camilla would one day become Queen.

Mr Wilson confirmed that The Duchess of Cornwall would one day take up the title, prompting Mr Witchell asked the audience to raise their hands over whether they felt comfortable with the idea.

The debate over whether Camilla should be Queen has been going on for over a decade now.

Royal Central’s have investigated into the issue and have found that the wife of a monarch does not have to be known as Queen Consort, and when contacted by this website at the time the Cabinet Office said: There is no requirement for the wife of the King to use the title ‘Queen Consort’…Titles are usually conferred by the Monarch via letters patent.’

Clarence House has previously said that Camilla will go by the title Princess Consort, the British public has greatly warmed up to her and half want her to be Queen, so only time will tell what will ultimately come.

  • Orchard 10

    Witchell is a disgrace of a ‘journalist’, and the Prince of Wales’ assessment of his worth was ‘spot on’..

    • bearzy123

      ” disgrace of a journalist” ?? you say.. Not hardly. He’s been around 40 years…….

    • Patricia Essex

      Journalists are only called ‘disgraceful’ if they state things that you don’t like!! I happen to be totally opposed to Camilla being my queen! She is an adulteress and Charles is an adulterer, and that is unacceptable to most of us! They are responsible for Diana’s death and nothing will convince a great many of us otherwise. We should look up to and respect this kind of people??? Not likely !

      • Ladyhawke

        I completely agree with you. I cannot come to grips with those two being King and Queen Consort. I also find it appalling Charles will be the next Head of the Church of England. My opinion only – the role should be taken over by the Archbishop of Canterbury, once the Queen passes.

        • Kathleen Ames

          She won’t be ~Queen Consort she will be Queen – whether or not they decided to call her that. Queen Consort is a title that would be bestowed upon her by HRH, The wife of a King is automatically Queen. Long may they reign!

          • Ladyhawke

            I write as an Australian “subject”. I and more than 51% of the population no longer wish to have a foreign Head of State. So, whilst I wish the Queen good health, once she passes, the push for Australia to become a republic will increase substantially. I have no problem whatsoever with the sentiment, “Long may they reign!”, provided they do not reign over Australia.

      • Kathleen Ames

        Diana was responsible for her own death. Had she worn her seatbelt instead of looking out of the back window at the paparazzi she loved so much, she would be here today

  • Jan M Keus of Norway

    Poor Charles, having a mother who don’t give him space. The man is 68 now and still havenot got a proper job. What kind of systrem is this? It seems to me that the queen don’t think he is capable. It has also wondered me that William takes over more and more royal duties (like knighting Rod Steward, a job Charles should have done, being the crownprince). I “vote” for the queen to resign, and let Camilla continue as duchess of something.

    • Dana Lee Pertermann

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. The Queen can’t “resign.” Abdication is a horrid process that her uncle went through. She’s never do that to her country.

      • Ladyhawke

        Yes, absolutely correct. Duty to her country has always come first with the Queen.

    • Ladyhawke

      The Queen can’t resign; she would only do so if she were physically incapable of continuing. It will be “interesting” to witness the state-of-play when the Queen passes.

      • Kathleen Ames

        In fact she could retire and hand over. But that is not done by British Royals. It is the preserve of the Dutch Royal Family.

    • Kathleen Ames

      British Monarchy does not retire as you suggest. That is the reserve of the Dutch Royals. HM will go on until her demise.

  • Ladyhawke

    Witchell is “a disgrace as a journalist” due to the fact he has never been an obsequious twit and asks questions of the RF that many fawning fops wouldn’t dare. Witchell is a fine journalist.

  • UF

    Being a Yank this doesn’t affect me. Which is well because Cornwall make my skin crawl

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