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Charles’s communications secretary denies reports that the Prince will not live at Buckingham Palace when he is King

The Prince of Wales’s communications secretary, Julian Payne, has denied reports that Prince Charles will not reside at Buckingham Palace once he becomes King.

The Sunday Times reports that once he becomes Monarch, Charles will remain at Clarence House rather than live in The Queen’s current London residence of Buckingham Palace.

Commenting on the story, Mr Payne simply said that the story is untrue.

The TImes reports that Charles told his staff that he plans to remain in Clarence House with the Duchess of Cornwall, as the couple are “very comfortable.”

The paper adds that the Duke of Cambridge is in agreement with his father, seeing the palace as too expensive and large for a family house.

A source told The Times: “I know [Charles] is no fan of ‘the big house’, as he calls the palace.

“He doesn’t see it as a viable future home or a house that’s fit for purpose in the modern world.”

Queen Victoria designated Buckingham Palace an official royal residence in 1837. Since then, every monarch has made the 775-room palace their primary residence.

Julian Payne was appointed communications secretary to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall last year.

Before his role at Clarence house, he started working for luxury fashion house Burberry Burberry after spending six years with the BBC as Director of Communications in the aftermath of the Jimmy Saville scandal. He also was the head of communications for BBC Radio 1.

Before working for the BBC, Mr Payne was a partner at Henry’s House where he dealt with clients including Honda and the Beckham family.

  • vegastearoom

    BP should be much more discrete over the machinations under the bonnet. There are those of us who choose not to be pre-informed of HM’s demise.

  • Karen119

    I don’t believe that Buckingham Palace has 750 BEDROOMS.

    • KBsGranny

      It didn’t say that. It said 775 rooms.

  • Karen119

    I doubt that Buckingham Palace has 750 BEDROOMS.

    • Ricky

      Is there an echo in here?

  • GastroGnome

    Sorry, Charles, but if you want the job you have to take the housing. The reason is simple – the job entails numerous responsibilities which can only be discharged at Buck House. If you want to close off rooms and reduce staff, that’s your prerogative but you don’t get to choose your house. The tourists won’t flock to see “The Changing Of The Guard” at Clarence House. Part of your job-to-be is to keep the tourists happy. They’re one of the main reasons you HAVE that job in the first place. You also need a suitably awe-inspiring spot to keep the hoi-polloi from lesser countries in their place when they’re being entertained by the head of state. You also can’t hold garden parties, with the amount of folks who show up at the Palace, in the grounds of Clarence House.

    If you’re concerned about impressions damaging your green image – put up solar panels, plant an organic garden in the grounds, keep a small flock of sheep to take care of the grass, plant marijuana and sell it to off-set the costs of being King.

    Of course, if you just want to have a London pied-à-terre for yourself and Camilla, while you spend most of your time at Balmoral and Sandringham, then have at it. Also, be prepared to preside over the dissolution of the monarchy.

    Charles, you’ve spent 70 years preparing to take over the top job in The Firm and you don’t seem to grasp what that job entails. When the time comes, you need to refuse the crown and trot off to a country estate where you can become an eccentric upper-class twit and leave the important King-job to poor old William.

  • Kenneth Hammer

    Depending on when it happens, hopefully later rather than sooner, I could see Charles delaying moving in to allow the upgrades going on at present to be accelerated. Currently, I think they’re being spread out because the Queen is still living there and is based out of there, instead of choosing to fully move out to speed things up.

  • SuperJayne

    This will be fine. Clarence House is a 5 minute drive to Buckingham Palace. Many monarchs don’t live in their offices (Spain as an example).

    Charles living at Clarence House will allow BHP to be open year round to the public. People will continue to flock to see it, and QEII’s private rooms will be preserved and part of the tour.

    Prince William has already renovated Princess Margaret’s apartment at Kensington to suit his family, and Prince Harry will be given a similar apartment in the same complex once he starts a family. I doubt they want to move into Clarence House.

    I think it’s great to keep BHP open to tours year-round as it will help offset the renovation expense underway.

  • Mary Elizabeth Doman

    Here’s a thought. Why not wait until CHARLES IS ACTUALLY KING to see what will happen?

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