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The Duchess of Cambridge to become Wimbledon ambassador

large__8074015076The Duchess of Cambridge is set to become the official Royal ambassador for the Wimbledon tennis championships.

The Duchess is a fan of the game and has been a frequent spectator in the Royal Box on Centre Court since her marriage to the Duke of Cambridge in 2011.  She accepted an honorary membership of Wimbledon’s All England Club in January 2013.  A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace stated:  “The Duchess was pleased to accept the kind offer, particularly given her interest in tennis.”

As the Royal ambassador, one of her duties will be the presentation of the trophies, a task which is currently being carried out by the Duke of Kent, President of the Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

The Royal family have a long history with the tournament.  The first visit was made by the Prince of Wales and Princess Mary on the 29th of June 1907, when the Prince accepted the position as President of the club and began the relationship between the Royal family and Wimbledon that continues to this day.

Since the Royal couple are expecting their first child in July, it is unlikely that the Duchess will be seen courtside during this year’s Wimbledon fortnight.

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  • guest

    Although I can easily understand why the All England is counting on Kate’s role in promoting their championships, I am very disappointed in the way they are doing that with the Duke of Kent. He has been supporting the Club and the Wimbledon championships for so many years and now they are throwing him away? Of course, he will remain the Club’s President but Kate is going to have all the press about Wimbledon now. It’s a shame.

  • royalwatcher

    Let the Duke of Kent keep his job until he’s ready to retire. Kate should earn her keep with non-sports related patronages and pitch in and do charity work. Kate should wait her turn until the Duke is good and ready to retire.

  • The Guest

    That’s what I’m saying – do not cut out the Good Old Duke just like that, for the buzz coming with Kate all around. She can be an Ambassador and support the Club and Championships from time to time and assist the Duke in his role, watching him slowly retiring and simply change the shift of royal duties. I is not said that it will happen and that this year’s championships were the last where we saw the Duke in his role but I just hope the Club’s governors would not do that to him. For now, Kate should focus on her child and charity, building her position in less spectacular and tiresome royal work. Once the Duke will really want or have to retire in his duties, she could easily succeed him.

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