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Prince William’s popularity declining according to new poll

A new poll has revealed that Prince William’s popularity has significantly decreased.

Since June 2012 when the United Kingdom celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the approval of Prince William has gone down by 11 per cent.

Pollsters Ipsos Mori held the survey asking 1002 people if they were satisfied with the way the second in line to the throne was doing his job. Seventy-nine per cent of those polled were satisfied with the Duke of Cambridge, six per cent were dissatisfied and 15 per cent of them were undecided.

In the same poll, it was found that 86 per cent of people were satisfied with the way The Queen does her job, with only five per cent being dissatisfied.

The 2012 poll of the Duke of Cambridge came in with 89 per cent being satisfied with the work being done by him. Only 5 per cent were dissatisfied and six per cent were unsure.

The drop in numbers could have to do with the recent “work-shy” William reports. At the end of February 2016, Prince William had only carried out two official engagements and came under fire for his lack of public appearances. The media was also quick to point out that in 2015, The Duke of Cambridge made 87 public appearances in the U.K and 35 overseas which were compared to the 94-year-old Duke of Edinburgh who made 128 more than his grandson and more than William, Kate and Prince Harry combined.

Prince William’s wife, the Duchess of Cambridge has also come under fire for being “lazy” and “work-shy” when in March she pulled out last minute of presenting St Patrick’s Day shamrocks to the Irish Guards. She broke an 115-year-old tradition where a senior female member of the royal family has always had the duty of presenting the shamrocks to the guards since Queen Alexandra first did so in 1901.

Princess Anne passed the tradition onto Kate in 2012, who held it from The Queen Mother for many years. Prince William did step in for Kate, who reportedly wished to stay home in Norfolk with their two young children.

  • Linda Gordon

    What a load of nonsense. This article fails to mention that the ratings Prince Charles is significantly lower than this son’s and that all royals had a natural fall from their high points in 2012. It is very natural after their popularity during the Jubilee year.

  • Just old and crabby

    Well good for Kate, she should be with her children, there is no lack of persons who can fulfill that duty, as for William, he has done his bit. People need to get a friggin’ life, and stop judging others so much.

  • vegastearoom

    Prince Charles needs to be worried more than Wills.

    • Dr Rex

      His approval is at 71% compared to William’s 79% and he is the next monarch.

  • Sandra

    1002 people?!! That’s not enough evidence, it’s a waste time and effort to read this rubbish

  • Bill Paul

    Perhaps his perceived lack of public appearances may have something to do with the fact that he is a full-time search and rescue helicopter pilot. If it comes to a choice between opening a supermarket or saving a life, I know which I thin k is more important!

  • Roma Ray

    Thank you for a no frills write up. Despite everything else, Prince William’s popularity rating is given as 79% – that’s tops !!!! Roma RAY, at Delhi, India !!!!

  • Myname

    I am quite happy for them to put their family life first. For me they are earning their money simply by putting up with a smile the constant invasion of their privacy. Not many people have to worry about how they look every time they go out of their door ! The constant commenting of every item of clothing, make up, accessories, how much it cost, where they bought it from, and even how many times they have worn the same outfit must drive them mad.

    • Lee44444

      Two fake heirs – not a drop of royal blood in either of them. Kate is barren, Camilla told the world that.

  • Victoria Wilder

    I find it rubbish that people grouch about Catherine and William. They’re young parents with two toddlers and William has a real occupation on top of his Royal obligations. They’re right where they should be in balancing family and public life. At the moment, there are more than enough Senior Royals to carry the burden. If Prince Phillip was ready to sack it and relax, I’m sure he would. I think people forget that, with regard to Catherinemussing the shamrock passing, that she’s human. Her kids might’ve been il. She might’ve been ill. Maybe one of the children had been up all night with fever and she was by their side. We just don’t know. And, we aren’t entitled to know.

    • Dawn Lloyd

      I have to agree I have been extremely blessed to receive seven letters from their royal highness especially when they have royal duties prince william has his occupation and to me that shows what kind of person he is. Catherine is doing suberb and of course she wants to be with their children. She doesn’t want them to just know a nanny even though times she has to put the care to nanny she has her parents as well. The letters I’ve had were kind caring and very warm. I have helped with cancer charities and prince william got his personal secretary find out information about proton beam therapy and I felt this was very caring. William will be king one day but his dear mum taught him he could have a private life and royal too. I think they are very like the European royalty princess Mary like katherine not born into royalty but is truly an amazing princess wife and mum as katherine is. I live in Wales so we do love our royal family and still hold a warmth for Diana though camilla has done a lot charity wise helping children love books again and osteoporosis she has done a lot but she still has time for her grandchildren from her first marriage . I think when time come william and Catherine will step up but in mean time they are doing a wonderful job and having time for their children and themselves xx

      • Lee44444

        Both are lazy fakers, and if William is anything to go by, Diana must have been a truly horrible mother.

  • Lee44444

    Fake, lazy couple with two fake heirs as children.

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