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From a Kiwi Perspective – Days Two and Three

On day two of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George’s royal tour of New Zealand they spent the day privately together away from the media to relax after the long cross-country flights.

Day three, however, saw the family attend a playgroup at Government House for Prince George’s first official royal engagement with a small group of parents and babies held by Plunket New Zealand.


The event was an intimate one, with some wonderful family moments being captured in photos and videos by the invited families and their children, alongside the Duke and Duchess and George, showing that the Royals too can be seen simply as mother, father and child.

One parent at the event told One News New Zealand that: “[Prince George] sort of took control went into the middle of the circle, hunted out the biggest toy, propped himself up, and he owned the place basically”.

Social media was alight with these photos and videos, with Twitter, Facebook and news websites all being flooded by online visitors looking to catch a glimpse of Prince George in his first engagement.

Some of the more popular photos include one of the eight-month old Prince chewing on his mother’s hair.

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Photo Credit: Government House, New Zealand

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