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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are on top form in Cornwall

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started the first day of the tour of Cornwall, the duchy will one day be Prince William’s when he becomes first in line to the throne.

The day started off with the Duchess wearing a Lela Rose dress and the Duke looking just as dapper when they met with civic dignitaries and the Truro Cathedral and help raise support of the £3.2 million needed for a new slate roof.

Although the cathedral was built between 1885 and 1910, the new roof will have a piece of modern history as the couple signed two of the 60,000 slates that will be used.

The couple also spent time at a cider farm where Kate mastered the art of pulling a pint of cider to which William replied it tastes “just like it does in the pub”.

William and Kate tried six drinks, with Kate taking a shot of 60 per cent proof whisky. They continued with Cornish whisky, Cornish brandy cider and Cornish rum cider to which William could see where this was heading “Rum! This is where the engagement really goes downhill!” he commented.

A trip to Zebs Youth Centre in Truro was also part of the day’s itinerary where the couple learnt about a programme that helps young people figure out their career and build their CVs.

The Duchess asked some the people benefiting from the programme “do any of you know what you would love to be?” adding “Do you have some aspirations?”

“It is totally cool not to have that by the way. It took me an awfully long time to work out what I wanted to be.” Prince William added in.

Kate agreed with her husband: “It’s so difficult because there’s so much out there. It is hard isn’t it to pinpoint one thing. William is right. I found it difficult as well.”

This evening the couple along with their six staff will check into the 500-year-old Restormel Manor in Lostwithiel, owned by the Duchy.

If you want to spend a night at the manor in the Fowey Valley, it will set you back £6,250 a week this time a year.


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