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‘Diana modernised the Royal Family’ says Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts has revealed she believes Diana, Princess of Wales, modernised the Royal Family.

“She helped us feel that the Royal Family were human beings, not these untouchable people,” the Australian actress told The Scotsman. “She modernised them and made them feel more accessible.”

The 44-year-old was speaking ahead of the release of ‘Diana’ which premiered in London earlier this month. Naomi explained she admired Diana’s drive to do normal things, despite being a princess.


Naomi will take on the role of the ‘People’s Princess’ in the upcoming biopic ‘Diana’.

“She did try to be ordinary,” she says. “She was a member of the Royal Family and yet she still wanted to go out on her jogs and do normal things.”

The film titled ‘Diana’ focuses on the late princess’s relationship with doctor Hasnat Khan in the final two years of her life. The biopic has been met with a mixed reception from critics, with one reviewer suggesting the film “doesn’t offer new facts” about Diana.

Earlier this month, Naomi revealed she had turned the film down twice before finally accepting the role. The mum-of-two explained she was concerned how the film would be received by Diana’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

“I do care deeply about how the princes feel, of course,” she told The Times. “I am a mum of two boys, but it was a story that was bound to told at some point, and it’s possibly fresher than people expected.”

Speaking at the London premiere Naomi said it was a “testament to who she was and what she achieved” that the public are still hugely interested in the late Princess.

Diana will be released in the United Kingdom on September 20 and in the United States on November 1.

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