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MP Proposes New Law To Make Wives Of Kings, Princesses

MP John Hemming is to propose new legislation to the House Of Commons soon about the naming of wives of Kings. Currently, wives of Kings are ‘Queen Consorts’, allowing them the use of the title ‘Queen’. However, the reverse is not true and husbands of Queens in their own right are not entitled to be styled as Kings.

The reason for this sudden proposition is to promote gender equality. Until 2011, men had priority over any women in the line of succession, this was changed after a commonwealth heads of government meeting in 2011, meaning whatever gender the Royal baby is, it will definitely reign as King or Queen.

John Hemming says that the current system of naming wives of Kings, Queens but husbands of Queens, are styled as Prince Consorts is grossly unfair and says that both husbands of Queens and wives of Kings should be styled equally as Prince and Princess consorts.

This law will be purely academic for when Prince Charles comes to the throne as he has already said that Camilla will be styled as Princess Consort and not as Queen, to avoid any ill-feeling towards Camilla.

But what this new law could mean, is when Prince William comes to the throne in a few decades’ time, his wife would not be styled as Queen Catherine but would be ‘Princess Catherine, Princess Consort’ – a move that I have no doubt would anger royalists, monarchists and Kate fans everywhere.

MP John Hemming is expected to propose this amendment to the House Of Commons in January.

Queen Regnant – Queen who reigns in her own right, not as wife of a King.
Queen Consort – Wife of a reigning King.
> Princess Consort – Proposed new title for wives of Kings.
Prince Consort – Husband of a reigning Queen in her own right.

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  • Princess consort,Queen consort.

  • Cynthia

    I’ve thought about letting the wife of the King opt out of being Queen if she didn’t want to be. What I wonder is will an heiress apparent be Princess of Wales IN HER OWN RIGHT? What will her husband be? If you are going to have gender equality, then go all the way with it. I think husbands of Princesses should be made Princes, especially the husband of the Crown Princess.

    • RoyalCentral

      I think the opting out part is kind of the case with Camilla at the moment. It has been noted that she’ll be Princess Consort and not Queen to avoid bitter feelings (I’m not sure whose?).

      I agree with you about total equality, especially Princes Of Wales in own right thing, perhaps that is also something they’ll now consider as Primogeniture rules have changed.

      Thanks for your response.

  • cshell

    I wonder just what the someone calling her “Princess Consort” instead of “Queen Elizabeth” or “Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother”? I feel there would be angry words said by the Queen and by her King. In the instance of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, I think that Catherine should be called Queen Catherine, Queen Consort. None of this Princess stuff. She came to this job with not a blemish, as has not happened with others. I believe that there is seven a cloud hanging over Prince Charles and Camilla, because if I understand correctly, no heir to the throne shall be married in a town hall office. I do not believe that they spoke their vows in the Prayer service, consecration service, if that was the name it was given, that was held after the first service in the clerks office. Unless the requirements have changed, I believe that no heir to the throne can be married to a divorcee, as in Edward 8th case. That may also be the case if Charles is up to be crowned, The wife he has taken is divorced, so he can not be installed as king. Then what is the ruling in Charles’ case because he is also divorced? Does this not make him ineligable to asend the throne?

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