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Jacinda Ardern swears alliance to The Queen as she is officially appointed New Zealand’s PM

Jacinda Ardern has officially taken up the office of Prime Minister as she swore alliance to Queen Elizabeth II in a ceremony which took place on Thursday morning.

Her Majesty couldn’t be at the ceremony in Wellington in person, so Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy officially bestowed the PM into office at Government House.

Ms Ardern was joined by her partner and father at the event. The 37-year-old is the 17th Prime Minister to serve under The Queen in the Australasian country.

Ms Ardern’s Labour Party came second in September’s election. However, no party was able to secure an overall majority.

Ms Ardern’s party has, however, successfully formed a coalition with the New Zealand First party and the Green Party.

It was thought that the New Zealand National Party, led by previous Prime Minister Bill English would be the first to form a coalition, but this is not the case.

Mr English’s premiership lasted for less than a year. He became Prime Minister of New Zealand in December 2016 following the resignation of John Key.

The new Prime Minister has expressed republican tendencies in the past. Speaking to The Times, Ms Ardern said: “I am a republican, but you will find there are people in New Zealand who aren’t actively pursuing that change.

“It’s certainly not about my view of the monarchy but my view of New Zealand’s place in the world and carving out our own future. So that is what drives my sentiment.”

The Queen and the governmental system of Constitutional Monarchy are becoming less popular in New Zealand as the years go by. A poll conducted last year suggests 60 per cent of people favouring becoming a republic, rising to 76 per cent among those aged 18 to 30.

The poll showed that young people, in particular, were keen to cut ties with Britain, with 76 per cent of those between the ages of 18 to 30 wanting to become a republic.

However, Ms Ardern does say that the debate on whether to lose the Monarchy will be an uncomfortable situation.

She said: “No matter when you have the conversation there’s a knock-on effect, there’s a much-loved monarch who will be affected by that decision.”

  • Ahenobarbus

    Alliance or allegiance?

  • robert

    The Queen almost never attends the inauguration of a Commonwealth PM. That is the job of the GG.

    • Sigi

      Queenie’s a jack@ss.

      • Lady Martha

        Why in the name of heaven do you even read these articles and then spew hatred? You are expending a great deal of energy trying to persuade us that you despise the “RF.” Methinks the man doth protest too much… (apologies to WS.)

  • Derek_Gunn

    I never want to see a prime minister’s head on our coinage.
    Of course power-hungry politicians favour republicanism, so we’d have to be mad to give it to them.
    Fortunately, I think we’ll find the polls quoted are wrong – as they so often are.

    • Sigi

      No mention of the power hungry RF though eh ?

      • Derek_Gunn

        There might be – if we knew what “RF” stood for.

        • Sigi

          “Royal” family ! Or rather”royal” fukkers.

          • Derek_Gunn

            Ah, you’ve been to charm school.
            Can you provide any examples of their hunger for power?

          • Sigi

            PROOF ? LOL ! You must be kidding. It’s kind of obvious isn’t it ? There’s no point in mentioning any of the obvious either, your head’s so far up the RF’s backside –
            to the point you’re actually asking me for evidence. Denial runs deep.

          • Derek_Gunn

            Without proof, any kind of nonsense may be proffered.
            You claim their hunger for power to be obvious and yet you supply no evidence of it.
            In fact you supply nothing but unsubstantiated claims and childish taunts in all your posts here.
            Good bye.

          • Sigi

            No “proof” is needed since it’s just a game with you that’s partially why I don’t bother telling you any more. Anyone wanting to investigate the RF are free to do so and there’s plenty of info out there about them. But investigating won’t happen when the mindset is pro-royal,
            Pro-royal trolls don’t want know.

          • Derek_Gunn

            A troll who falsely claims I’m a troll.
            A liar who falsely claims I’m a liar.
            I want to know and you claim I don’t.
            Funny game.
            Who is paying you?

          • Sigi

            You sound fairly inept but that’s not my problem. Normally I’d leave links just for other people who might be seriously interested even though it would be wasted on you – you’d then start another knuckle headed rant about how the info couldn’t possibly be true and ad nauseam.

            Try thinking up some searches to use on Google. But you’re all tripped up in trolling and it’s a sham.

          • Derek_Gunn

            It this all there is?
            No substance at all… you have no argument… you’re not even interested in the topic.
            As time goes on, you increase your provocation so as to get a response…
            Got it.
            You’re a competitive troll.
            You score points by getting people to respond.
            Perhaps it does your ego good, you feel you’re in control.
            Put some effort into cutting some code, become productive, feel better about yourself.

  • Sigi

    “Much loved monarch” – do you think she loves YOU ? Wake up.

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