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Donald Trump’s State Visit pushed back until Autumn

Donald Trump’s State Visit to the UK will not happen until Autumn at the earliest, due to the King and Queen of Spain visiting in the summer.

President Trump’s State Visit was announced before King Felipe’s, however, a firm date has been set for the Spanish visit in June.

President Trump accepted an invitation from Her Majesty’s government to visit the UK at some point in 2017.

Out of the 12 presidents in Her Majesty’s reign, only five were ever invited for a State Visit. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. President Trump will now become number six.

The United States and the United Kingdom have long had the “Special Relationship” that Prime Minister Winston Churchill mentioned in 1946.

President Trump’s visit to the UK has already amounted to extreme controversy – before a date has even been set.

Two million people have signed a petition calling for the visit to be called off.

Last year, almost 600,000 people signed a separate petition calling for the 70-year-old to be banned from travelling to the UK. It was the most signed petition on the government’s website until now.

The State Visit will still certainly go ahead, and it is likely that the President will stay at Windsor Castle, partly due to major refurbishment works that will be taking place at Buckingham Palace.

The Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has said that he is not happy for President Trump’s State Visit to go ahead while the controversial bans preventing people from entering the USA based on their country of origin are in place.

Speaking to Robert Peston, Mr Corbyn said: “I’m not happy with him coming here until that ban is lifted, quite honestly.”

He added: “It’s slightly odd he should be invited so quickly, particularly in view of the statements he’s made, and I suspect this visit is something that might find its way into the long grass.”

He also said that Buckingham Palace should “absolutely not rush” in making arrangements for the visit, which is expected to take place later this year.

The President is also said to be extremely reluctant to meet Prince Charles because of the pair’s differing views on climate change.

The President, who has previously said that climate change is a myth invented by the Chinese, does not want to take a lecture from The Prince of Wales who is a climate change campaigner, according to The Sunday Times.

Members of Trump’s administrative team instead want The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry to meet the President when he visits the UK later this year.

Speaking to The Times, a source has said: “Trump’s people are worried about an awkward moment, with Prince Charles saying ‘Why don’t you believe in climate change?’

“They do not want the President put in an awkward position where he’s being lectured. They want horses down the Mall, tea with William & Kate.

They want all that pomp and for it to go seamlessly, and one of the risk factors is Charles.”

Number 10 Downing Street have released a statement confirming that plans for the State Visit by Donald Trump remain in place.

Royal Central will be bringing you ongoing coverage on President Trump’s State Visit to the UK in the months to come.

  • Jacqueline Nemorin Carter


  • UF

    PM May’s US state visit was a huge success. She had a wonderful time, was treated superbly and the Trump administration was delighted to host her. It is known that HM the Queen has a liking for our Head of State and is pleased to host him. Prince Charles is not king. He IS a spoiled pampered hypocrite. It’s likely his reign will prove damaging to the monarchy. He has apparently learned nothing from his exquisite mother who has not put a foot wrong in her 65 years on the throne. If Charles reigns long enough, William, George, Kate and Harry may have to seek gainful employment, although Wills & Harry can live very comfortably on their inheritance from mum. Pres Trump did NOT say China invented climate change as a hoax. He said China continued to propagate the climate change hoax in order to prevent having to deal with their horrific pollution affecting the entire world. The moonbats who signed these asinine petitions for keeping Mr Trump out before he was president should be ashamed. These are the same alt-left wackos who voted against Brexit. They fancy themselves educated and urbane. If they were either they’d remember they are the heirs to the Magna Carta de Libertatum and would refrain from acting so shamefully. President Trump is the chosen elected leader of the best and oldest ally of the United Kingdom. He represents the people of the United States. ALL the people of the United States including the clowns marching about with their “not my president” signs. Those of us who loathed Barack Obama – and we were legion – accepted his election. Twice. We agonized through his eight years of dissembling and treason and dishonesty and constitutional destruction because he was – sadly – our president. Pres Trump heads to the UK with a generous trade deal meant to demonstrate to Europe that when it comes to the US there are no “queues” for allies, that Brexit is no impediment to vigorous trade with these great people and our good friends. If people know what is good for them – whether it’s the fools who march in the streets in costume like clowns or the buffoons who sit on the green or red leather benches in Westminster to including that lame midget in the Speaker’s chair – they will treat OUR (one and only) head of government AND state – the President of the United States of America – with dignity and respect. Meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn can remain in the long grass with his short-minded pals and smoke grass. What an embarrassment that Her Majesty’s loyal opposition is reduced to a wino-looking bum who can’t fix his tie correctly even at a military memorial service. Too sad.

    • HarpoSnarx

      “Those of us who loathed Barack Obama – and we were legion – accepted his election.”

      You demonic treason pimps did far more loathing than accepting. Fortunately Murikan Goopers are experts at defending the indefensible. You’ll be busy until Ryan and McConnell find a way to oust the Russian Usurper.

      Also I hope the courtiers know enough about this visitor to form a protective space around HM. Cuz you know.

      • UF

        Your brain sticks in your harp. Your snark flows from your arse

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