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Daily Mail apologises to The Queen’s Director of Communications over inaccurate article

The Daily Mail has apologised to The Queen’s Director of Communications Sally Osman over an incorrect article published in July.

The apology was also extended to The Queen’s former Media Secretary Steve Kingstone who left his position at Buckingham Palace earlier this year.

In July, the Daily Mail published an article claiming that both Ms Osman and Mr Kingstone were to leave their roles at the palace after the Thomas Markle debacle which saw the Duchess of Sussex’s father stage paparazzi photographs and speak to the media uncontrollably.

In actual fact, both Ms Osman and Mr Kingstone’s departures were predated far before the incidents involving Mr Markle occurred.

In full, the correction read: “On 10th July 2018 we published an article with the headline ‘Queen’s two most senior PR chiefs to leave after Thomas Markle debacle sent Royal Family’s media machine into an embarrassing tailspin’. 

“Sally Osman and Steve Kingstone have confirmed that their individual and independent departures predated and were unrelated to, any media engagement with Mr Markle. 

“We accept their respective positions, and apologise for any misunderstanding or embarrassment.”

Steve Kingstone left his position at Buckingham Palace earlier this year. Ms Osman will leave her post in a couple of months time.

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