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A right royal year! Here are our top ten most read articles of 2017

2017 was a busy year for the Royal Family, with lots of unexpected events and long anticipated milestones occurring. From From The Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary, to the everyday engagements of the Royal Family, it was a year full of excitement and celebration.

In 2017, Royal Central published 2,788 articles. Here are ten of our most read posts:

10. Will The Queen make Prince Charles Prince Regent when she turns 95?

9. The Queen is hiring a full time housekeeper on a £16,500 salary

8. Why Prince Charles must be King

7. The life and death of Princess Margaret

6. The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte meet Meghan Markle

5. Why are Kate and William never at celebrations of the Scandinavian royals?

4. One million people sign petition to cancel Trump’s State Visit, to avoid embarrassing The Queen

3. The Queen arrives in Manchester in an unannounced visit

2. Duchess of Cambridge gives permission for her Private Secretary to marry in the Chapel Royal

1. Donald Trump’s State Visit to the UK cancelled indefinitely

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