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Telegraph Newspaper Slams Beatrice & Eugenie: “They Make A Laughing Stock Of Us All”

Telegraph newspaper writer Judith Woods has today, slammed Princess Beatrice and Eugenie’s use as business representatives for the United Kingdom, saying: “Flagging up Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie as ambassadors for British brands makes a laughing stock of us all”.

For two days this week HRH Princess Beatrice of York and HRH Princess Eugenie of York played the role of business envoys for the UK in Germany, representing and promoting British interests. We, as I’m sure many other people, feel that Princess Beatrice and Eugenie have done a wonderful job over the last few days.

Telegraph writer, Judith Woods seems to think less so. Calling the 5th and 6th in-line to the throne: “a laughing stock” and declaring, “the pair of C-list royals are on a Chuckle Sisters trade delegation”.

Not only is this a direct insult to the Royal Family but also to Princess Beatrice and Eugenie who have worked so hard to make the trip a success.

The article explains how using Beatrice and Eugenie as trade envoys is akin to the Spice Girls’ Olympics appearance this year and declaring that “nobody recognises them”, also adding the snub “they’re not even wearing their everyday diadems”. and condemning their visit, ‘they’re not suited to be business envoys’.

Meanwhile, back with not-so-bitter people, the visit has been heralded as a huge success and is believed to have strengthened bonds between the UK and Germany. Princess Beatrice’s first overseas speech was also regarded as a success, both by Britons and Germans.

Read The Telegraph’s article by clicking here.

  • Forestlands

    Princess is not a career ! Does them no favours doing this!

    The two young ladies would do better forging a future for themselves. Setting goals, working a route to their goals and learning skills to reach their goals. If the goals were connected to their position as Princesses so be it.

    Example, projects to help young disable people become active in sport. Community action program to help elderly kept active and get together by developing self help groups for learning computing so they could keep in touch, skill groups that enabled skill sharing. Off the top of my head!

    Get 3 or 4 people to join you. Go do some brain storming and get working on something. So rewarding, greatly appreciated and gives your a purpose.

    You both looked very nice for the occasion! Good luck!.


    They impressed me.
    But not favourably
    I am afraid Sir.


  • unimpressed

    seriously they are a joke

  • Another example of lazy thinking,don’t get a live-wire business guru,well versed in the cut and thrust of new contracts and industrial expansion,no,… get a couple of over privileged-idiots,who have never done a day’s work in their benefit grabbing lives,scrounging of the state like all their ilk,…. yes, that paints an excellent picture of the competence of this rotten unelected administration !….. what larks….

  • slumpy

    Can the writer of this article please back up the claim that this has been “heralded as a huge success” by quoting anybody who would have said such a thing? Somebody who matters, not Royal watchers and fans, not e-zine editors. but someone from the industries these girls have been promoting?

  • Cshell

    I read that their father HRH Prince Andrew is the one that put this together and was paying for the trip for his children. Is he the one that sponsered them, and for a year to do this all over Germany?

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