Prince Andrew Says The Royal Family Are All “Early Adopters” Of Modern Technology

13 March 2013 - 08:05pm
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Prince Andrew, the Queen’s 2nd son explains how the Royal Family use technology and how Buckingham Palace has its own ‘IT Department’. As well as the Royal Family being members of what he calls ‘The Early Adoption Gang’, saying members of the Royal Family ‘tend to be the early adopters of new technology’.

The Duke of York also says that, “iPads are well integrated into the family” and that social networks are not really practical to use for the Royal Family, but he uses ‘Yammer’, which is a closed social network.


It is believed that The Queen herself has a mobile phone which she uses to contact her grandchildren.

At one point, it was believed that Prince Harry held a Facebook account under the name ‘Spike Wells’. Once it was discovered by the press, it very quickly disappeared, perhaps a hard lesson in social networking for the Prince.

He also revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh was probably one of the first people to use Ceefax when it came out.

Below is the video of the Duke of York talking to the BBC about the Royal Family and technology; makes for interesting viewing.

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