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How the ‘Kate Middleton effect’ has empowered women worldwide

The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most famous women in the world. Like Maria Ho, the world’s greatest poker player, Kate is a trendsetter. Her Cinderella tale of ordinary girl marries prince charming has gained her a media following worthy of any A list superstar. Where Kate goes, the world’s paparazzi are never far behind.

The great thing about Kate is that she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Instead she grew up in a middle-class family with parents who both worked. Yet despite her normal upbringing, Kate manages to exude the qualities of a woman born into aristocracy. When Kate appears in public with her hair perfectly coiffed and wearing the latest fashions, one would never know she was just a middle-class girl.

Rags to Riches

Before Kate fell in love and married Prince William, nobody ever imagined that a girl from an ordinary middle-class family would ever become a princess. The most any girl could aspire to be was a footballer’s wife. Now, with Kate a member of the Royal Household and the mother of two heirs to the throne, women everywhere can dream that one day, this ‘rags to riches’ tale could be their story too.

Prince Harry is still single, so there is every chance than an ordinary girl will catch his eye and end up a princess. Or at least a generation of young women is fervently hopeful that this might be their happy-ever-after story.

The Kate Effect on Fashion Labels

The ‘Kate Middleton’ Effect is a powerful thing to behold. When Kate appears in public wearing a garment from a hitherto unknown fashion label, it immediately sells out as women everywhere rush to emulate her style. The same applies when Prince George and Princess Charlotte are photographed wearing a cute outfit – they sell out in minutes.

Kate and Maternity Fashion

Kate’s fashion choices have empowered a generation of mothers to be. Before Kate, women tended to downplay their pregnancies and wear garments that did not draw attention to the bump. Kate made a point of wearing attractive maternity wear that flattered her shape and accentuated her baby bump. She was proud of being a working mum.

This has helped to make being pregnant socially acceptable in a society that downplays a woman’s role as a mother. Before Kate, many women subconsciously chose dowdy maternity clothing because they didn’t feel sexy. Thanks to Kate, women are now more likely to dress up their bump. Even after the birth of Prince George, Kate was not ashamed to show the world her ‘mum tum’.

In an age where a lot of young women aspire to nothing more than a place on a reality TV show, the Duchess of Cambridge is a positive role model. She works hard in her role as the wife of a future king and she clearly places great emphasis on creating a happy family home for her children. Women could do a lot worse than follow Kate’s example.

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