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Update: Missing Dubai princess- the shocking story so far

It has now been well over a month since Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa was reported missing in mysterious circumstances off the coast of Goa.

The princess fled her country in a yacht with dreams of leading a normal life.

She was accompanied by former French spy Jean-Pierre Herve-Jaubert who has now opened up about the events that took place after they fled, and said he believes the princess is still in danger.

Reported in the MailOnline, Mr Jaubert has revealed that during their escape they were ambushed at sea by commandos ‘enforcing Islamic law’.

The soldiers are claimed to have been working under the control of the ruler of Dubai, who is Latifa’s father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

62-year-old Jean-Pierre claims he was threatened with execution and beaten, blindfolded and interrogated for hours after it was discovered he had helped the 33-year-old princess attempt to seek asylum in the United States.

Along with the former spy, a Finnish martial artist called Tiina Jauhiainen, thought to be the best friend of the Princess, was also captured.

The pair were reportedly taken back to a United Arab Emirates prison where they were kept for around two weeks being interrogated for up to 20 hours, with nothing to eat or drink.

Jaubert told the MailOnline “No one knew where we were and all the time we were in Dubai being held in prison. They could do what they wanted.”

The princess is thought to have financed the escape bid and already had a lawyer ready in Florida in order for her to seek asylum.

She enlisted the help of Mr Jaubert after discovering how he had fled from Dubai in 2008 after being accused of corruption.

He agreed to help the distressed princess and by the end of February, after months of secret communications with Latifa, he was set in place just off the Oman coast.

They had been at sea for a week before their yacht was boarded by the Indian coastguard.

Jaubert reported in the MailOnline “I was beaten to the ground. Blood was coming from my head but they continued to kick and punch me.”

Jauhiainen has revealled how they saw the princess being dragged off the boat while she screamed at the men to kill her as this was her preference to being taken back to Dubai.

Jaubert and Jauhiainen were then taken back to Dubai where they were interrogated for days.

The Princess has not been seen or heard of since she was dragged off the boat and with the Dubai authorities refusing to comment on her whereabouts, it is uncertain as to whether she is even still alive.

Despite now both being free, Jaubert and Jauhiainen are clearly traumatised by their ordeal and Mr Jaubert has filled a complaint with the FBI in order to get the help he needs recovering from the horrific kidnapping.

A harrowing video filmed by the Princess was released shortly after she went missing by her lawyer, Radha Sterling, who had been instructed to circulate the clip in the event of the princess’s disappearance.

This will now be used as crucial evidence in a criminal investigation set to discover what has happened to the Dubai princess.

A press conference was held yesterday by Detained in Dubai who is the sole legal representative for the princess and all who were involved in her escape. They say they will be taking legal steps to ensure justice is achieved for all involved.