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Tourists warned to “be respectful” and wear sombre clothes after death of King Bhumibol

Tourists in Thailand have been warned to be ‘respectful’ following the death of King Bhumibol who reigned over the country for 70 years.

The country has started a year of mourning to commemorate the King, who was the world’s longest reigning monarch.

All entertainment activities have been banned for 30 days, and tourists who are yet to fly to the country are being advised to cancel their trip.

Mourners gathered outside Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, dressed in black sombre colours, where they paid their respects to the monarch who died at the age of 88.

Thailand is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, and visitors to the country have been warned to be ‘respectful’ dressing in sombre colours.

The UK’s Foreign Office has warned its citizens to “respect the feelings and sensitivities of the Thai people at this time.

“Access to entertainment, including restaurants, bars, and shopping areas may be restricted and you should behave respectfully when in public areas. If possible, wear sombre and respectful clothing when in public.”

Similarly, the Australian government have made a similar request to its citizens currently in Thailand.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said that Australians must be on their best behaviour.

It said: “To demonstrate respect for the Thai people, refrain from any behaviour that may be interpreted as festive, disrespectful or disorderly. Abide by local laws and respect Thai customs.”

Despite the country coming to a standstill, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha has made a call for businesses to stay open.

The Stock Exchange of Thailand and banks are currently operating normally, with Friday being declared a government holiday for mourning.

It was announced that the King died on Thursday following years of poor health. He hasn’t been seen in public for many years but still gained the respect of most Thais.

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