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Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia orders Kuwaiti child to be transferred to Riyadh for treatment

It has been announced from Jeddah that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a member of the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia has stepped in and ordered the transfer of a very sick Kuwaiti child from a local maternity hospital in Kuwait to a state-of-the-art medical facility in Riyadh.

Eleven-month-old Noora Al-Mutairi requires treatment for pneumonia and will be transferred from a maternity hospital in the Eastern Province city of Hafr Al-Batin to King Abdullah Specialist Hospital for Children in Riyadh.

The decision of the Crown Prince to order the transfer of the child embodies the whole ethos behind the building of the King Abdullah Hospital. The hospital was built as part of the King Abdulaziz Medical City and recognises the importance of children within the society as being a critical part. The children are the building blocks for future prosperity and success hence, their health and wellbeing are essential, and this was realised when the decision was made for the hospital. It also acknowledges the compassion and generosity of the King and his family which exceeds the limits of Saudi Arabia to any child that they can help – as this action has proved.

The King Abdullah Specialist Hospital for Children was opened in 2015 and was intended to be the nations most advanced children’s hospital.

However, in the design of the hospital and its wards, they have not only looked for medical excellence but holistic needs of the children. All the wards are designed to include classroom and play facilities for the children while they are being cared for. The hospital not only provides wards for over five hundred children, but it is also a teaching hospital so that training may be given to medical staff at children’s hospitals throughout Saudi Arabia. This is ensuring the health and well-being of those who can carry the torch for the development and vitality of the country.

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