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Vogue says styles of Queen Mathilde and Crown Princess Mary inspired by First Lady Melania Trump

Think Queen Mathilde and Crown Princess Mary are getting style inspiration from First Lady Melania Trump? Vogue seems to think so.

The legendary fashion magazine noted that when the Queen of the Belgians arrived in Denmark for a State Visit at the end of March, her icy blue coat dress was similar in style to the coat dress Melania Trump wore to her husband’s January inauguration; and the coat dress Crown Princess Mary wore to greet Queen Mathilde at the airport was also a pale blue.

The First Lady on Inauguration Day on 20 January. Official DHS photo by Barry Bahler (Public Domain)

Vogue also noted that the three women seemed to callback to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy with their outfits, which included pillbox hats, gloves and clutch purses.

In the headline, Vogue wonders if this is the “Melania Effect” – echoing the well-documented “Kate Effect” that follows once the Duchess of Cambridge wears a label’s clothing.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961. Photograph from U. S. Department of State, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston. (Public Domain)

In 2012, Newsweek estimated that the “Kate Effect” was worth an estimated £1 billion for the British fashion industry. Similarly, the “Prince George” and “Princess” Charlotte” effects have been noticed, as well.

Regardless of the “Melania Effect,” Queen Mathilde and Crown Princess Mary are both stylish royals on their own.

Last year, Crown Princess Mary was inducted into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame, which is compiled by Vanity Fair magazine. She had previously made several appearances on the list over the years alongside her husband, Crown Prince Frederik.

Melania Trump played host to King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife, Queen Rania, yesterday at the White House. She greeted the Queen in an emerald green dress.

Vogue pondered if the First Lady and the Queen of Jordan were mirroring each other with their “sky-high stilettos in black and optic white…a sartorial power play, perhaps?”

  • vegastearoom

    How unfortunate that some European Royals are aping the debauched style of Trump’s Third Wife. What next, pseudo-lesbian photoplay? Or, possibly, Vogue is simply wrong. I chose to believe that Vogue is wrong.

  • vegastearoom

    How unfortunate that some European Royals are aping the debauched style of Trump’s Third Wife. What next, pseudo-lesbian photoplay? Or, possibly, Vogue is simply wrong. I chose to believe that Vogue is wrong.

  • Aquarius Anne

    This is bullshit and disrespectful to CP Mary and Queen Mathilde. They’ve have been on the style scene for far longer and no way in hell is CP Mary copying or inspired by Melania in any way, shape or form. This is dreadful.

  • disqus_HhnCjB1gaw

    Are you kidding? Crown Princess Mary has been around quite a while to dazzle us with her style sense and beauty. Queen Mathilde too. In spite of Melania being a one-time model, I think both of them are better looking than Melania.

  • UF

    I suspect it’s more likely that classy women everywhere have tastes that are similar and outfits that can, from time to time, tend to coincide. All three, including the First Lady of the United States, are VERY classy women, repulsive petulant churlish slurs notwithstanding.

  • JohnB

    Of course it is some ignorant writer at Vogue who thinks the world revolves around developments in the USA.
    Most Americans are too smart to be taken in by such rubbish but sadly that sort of self centred rubbish gives Americans a bad reputation.

  • Anastasie

    My earlier message seems to have disappeared.. I was mentioning that I thought that both Queen Mathilde and Princess Mary had not waited for Melania Trump to become first lady to learn how to dress ! Vogue’s comment is complete nonsense !

  • wildrose

    Vogue’s comments are complete rubbish. Queen Mathilde, Crown Princess Mary, Queen Letizia, Queen Maxima, Queen Rania – none of them need the help of or would even need inspiration from Melania. That dress Melania wore at the Fake President’s swearing in, unless that was Fake News as well, needed serious help. Hideous was the first thing that crossed my mind. Vogue must have been paid to write that article… to make the fake president feel better.

  • Melodee Perrett

    All 3 ladys look lovely. Please don’t comment if you can’t say something nice. Thank you.

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