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Princess Estelle joins mother and grandfather for museum trip

Princess Estelle of Sweden, 6, joined her mother, Crown Princess Victoria and grandfather, King Carl XVI Gustaf for a trip to the National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm earlier this week ahead of its reopening today.

His Majesty and Their Royal Highnesses view Elias Martin’s oil painting. Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

The royals view Emile Mascré’s painting of their ancestor Karl XIV Johan. Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

The King, Crown Princess, and Princess were able to view various pieces of art – many of which displayed their ancestors. One oil painting by Elias Martin portrayed the christening of King Gustav III’s second son Karl Gustav, Duke of Smaland, in 1782 in the Royal Chapel of Stockholm Palace. This is the same location where King Carl XVI Gustaf, Crown Princess Victoria, and Princess Estelle were all christened.

The trio was also able to take a look at paintings of the first Bernadotte King of Sweden, King Karl XIV Johan. This was very special to the Royal Family as, throughout 2018, they are celebrating 200 years since he took the throne with various events.

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

The Royal Court released several images yesterday of the private visit earlier this week. One photo, in particular, caught the eye of royal watchers. In the sweet image, Princess Estelle holds hands with her grandfather and mother as they descend the upper staircase.

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

King Gustav III was one of the benefactors of the museum, along with Carl Gustaf Tessin who has many of his works on display. It was founded in 1792 as the Royal Museum after the death of King Gustav III with many pieces of the royal collection being transferred to the public in the museum. It was renamed “Nationalmuseum” in 1866 when it moved to its present building.

It houses a range of works from the Middle Ages to 1900. Of several thousand pieces of art on display, many have come from the collections of former kings of Sweden.

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

Photo: Sara Friberg / Kungl. Royal Court

The National Museum of Fine Arts has been closed for refurbishment since 2013, and it reopens to the public today, 13 October. Its renovation has allowed for larger exhibition areas and the accommodation for twice as many visitors as before. More information can be found on their website here.

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