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New poll shows Crown Princess Victoria is most popular royal in Sweden

A new poll conducted by Pollsters Sifo for Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning, shows that Crown Princess Victoria is the most popular member of the Swedish Royal Family in Sweden.

Close to 1,200 people were randomly selected and questioned on who their favourite members of the family were. The results showed the Crown Princess as the winner with almost half of individuals selecting her. King Carl XVI Gustaf only was chosen by two out of ten.

The most popular member of the Swedish Royal Family was not the only question asked of the Swedish people in the survey. They were also asked if King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia’s youngest child, Princess Madeleine should return to Sweden to live with her husband, Christopher O’Neill and their two children: Princess Leonore, 2, and Prince Nicolas, 1. The responses were mixed with half responding that they didn’t know. However, two out of ten said yes they should move from London to Stockholm, while three out of ten said no.

People were also asked if they thought the King should abdicate like King Albert of Belgium, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands have recently done. His Majesty has been on the Swedish throne for 43 years. 38% of respondents said that he should remain on the throne and Victoria only succeeding him once he died. On the other hand, 29% said he should abdicate in favour of his eldest child within five to ten years. There were 11% of people who thought His Majesty should give up the throne within a year.

The Crown Princess will turn 40 on 14 July this year with bigger celebrations planned this year than normal to mark the occasion. She lives in Haga Palace with her husband of nearly seven years, Prince Daniel and their two children: Princess Estelle, 4, and Prince Oscar, 10 months.

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