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Crown Princess Family of Sweden sends their Christmas wishes

The Crown Princess Family of Sweden has released their annual Christmas video this morning. The one minute video features Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in Tyresta National Park with their two children, four-year-old Princess Estelle and nine-month-old Prince Oscar.

The video shows the family of four dressed warmly and walking on a trail in the forest. They are then seen cooking pinnebrød together over a warm fire at the end. Pinnebrød is a bread dough commonly cooked over a fire when in the woods of Norway and Sweden.

December 2016 Photo: H Garlov/

At the end of the video, the Crown Princess, Prince Daniel, and Princess Estelle all say, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Prince Oscar then laughed, which resulted in Estelle laughing, as well. Daniel asked his son, “Did you think it was funny?” as his son smiles back at him. A full transcript, translated by our Norwegian Europe Correspondent Oskar Aanmoen of the conversation, is at the bottom of the article.

According to the Swedish Royal Court’s Director of Information, Margaret Thorgren, they chose to film this year in nature to show the beautiful nature in Sweden.

She told Swedish Women’s Weekly, “The whole family is very nature oriented and purpose behind the picture is to show what a fantastic nature we have here in Sweden. Nature is something that everyone can use; it’s just to put on clothes and go out. It is something you may take for granted.”

The decision to record the video from Tyresta National Park is directly correlated to the Crown Princess Couple’s new initiative, GenPep. The purpose of GenPep is to convince people to increase their physical activity.

The 2013 Christmas video showed the family baking cookies together, while in 2014, they were seen decorating their Christmas tree. Last year, the family sent their holiday message from Bagarstugan at Skansen, where they were again baking together. 

On 14 December, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle received the Christmas trees at Stockholm Palace from the Royal College of Forestry’s student union.


Victoria: You can see that there is some ice out on the lake? Yes, there is a little ice there.

Estelle points the stick at the camera and says: Do you want this?

Victoria: Your bread tasted really good Estelle. 

Victoria: some well-cooked on the one side, but it tasted really good.

Estelle: Yes, but it does not matter, you love food that is well cooked.

Victoria: I love that it is well cooked.

All together: Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Oscar laughs.

Daniel: Did you think it was funny?

Additional reporting by Oskar Aanmoen

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