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Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania addresses Parliament following major demonstrations

Her Majesty Margareta, Custodian of the Crown of Romania, addressed Parliament yesterday following major demonstrations during the last week that have ravaged in both Romania and neighbouring Moldova. The demonstrators, which are primarily organised by Romanian and Moldovan royalists, have been held to force the two nations’ political leadership to begin the work of reconciling the Romanian-speaking two countries.

The Romanian Royal Family has given its support to a new union between the two Romanian-speaking countries. Recently, the Romanian Royal Family visited Moldova and has great support from the local population. “The affection and respect that the Royal House enjoys in Romania’s sister country is the most beautiful gift that we could possibly receive”, said Her Majesty to Parliament yesterday.

After invitation from the pro-monarchy Speaker of the Parliament and the Romanian Senate, the Crown Princess spoked warmly about the two nations. She once more marked her support for the reunification of Moldova with Romania, recalling that “the old monarchy”. The Custodian of the Crown said, “Let us remember King Ferdinand and Queen Marie, who never lost faith in that Romania would be victorious in war and united in peace”.

Her Majesty Margareta and her husband, Prince Radu, arrive at the Romanian Parliament. Photo: Familia Regala A Romanei / Royal Family of Romania 

The Speaker of the Parliament and the Romanian Senate has announced his desire to proceed with this reunification as soon as possible. Speeches were held in the presence of Moldovan Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu, who attended with a delegation from this neighbouring republic.

On Sunday alone, around 10,000 demonstrated in Romania with a further 7,000 people protesting in Moldova for the reunification.

The unification of Romania and Moldova is a popular idea in the two countries. The Romanian Revolution in 1989 and the independence of Moldova in 1991 further contributed to the development of a movement for the unification of the two Romanian-speaking nations. Individuals who advocate the unification are described as ‘unionists’. About 33% of Moldovans would welcome a reunification with Romania according to a poll conducted in December 2017.

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