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Danish royal expert predicts that Queen Margrethe will abdicate

In recent months, many rumours have been circulating about the Danish Royal Family, especially the Danish Queen, Margrethe II and her husband, Prince Henrik. It is almost a year since Prince Henrik chose to retire, and after his retirement has he rarely been seen in public with Queen Margrethe.

When the Danish Queen held the annual New Year gala-dinner for diplomats and politicians earlier this month, the Prince and The Queen were seen together – the first time in more than six months.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik together in 2010. Photo: Holger Motzkau via Wikimedia Commons.

It is the Swedish royal news magazine Svensk Damtiding who reports that they have contacted some of Denmark’s royal experts and their interpretation of this is clear: The Queen misses her husband and it is likely she is going to abdicate shortly. The Danish royal experts that the magazine spoke to say that the Queen has changed lately. The Queen is reportedly not as happy as she tends to be.

Many have speculated that Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik are no longer residing together, and that they live in separate castles. However, the Danish royal experts say that this is not correct. They see signs that the Queen wants to perform her duties for Denmark, but misses her husband and that this may be one of the reasons that the Queen would abdicate. Prince Henrik has spent much of his retired life on his private vineyard in France, the country he originates from.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will be Denmark`s new King and Queen that day Queen Margrethe dies or abdicates. Photo: Frankie Fouganthin via Wikimedia Commons.

Queen Margrethe was interviewed by the Danish news channel TV2 not too long ago. In this interview, The Queen was asked if she felt lonely after Prince Henrik retired. Her Majesty replied: “I can not say I feel lonely. It is clear that it is something completely different when he [Prince Henrik] is with me.”

The Queen was also interviewed in a book which she helped to write. Here she says she is pleased that Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are ready to take over their duties as King and Queen of Denmark. Many have interpreted this as a sign that the Queen would abdicate sometime in the coming years.

  • Bob Turbyfill

    Crown Princess Mary will be an outstanding queen when her time comes.

    • Donna

      Not. The world feels as though it is emulating the year 1812. european expansion Warfare and us revolution. Has been in small ways since 2016. A fake pretender to a crown? No more suited than a Kadashian. she Won’t defend a nation, nor protect it from harm in 2017. God help the Danes for Mary donaldson will be out shopping. those trained to defend nations we will be standing, but not for her, and republics may rise. So her fake claims to a title is unlikely to survive. …we live in dangerous times. So…Long live the True Queen.

      • margaret jones

        Can you clarify please is not Fredrick as their presumptive and his wife Mary are they not popular in Denmark ,the reason I ask is that some people are talking on social media of a republic for Denmark after the death of Queen Margretha.I ask this question because for the last year after browsing the European Royal houses Denmark appeared to me to be the most stable with a queen that appears to be sophisticated ,beautiful even at 77 yrs and wise now I know this is only what comes over in social media but Fredrick and Mary appear to be a very good pair to aspire to the throne they look as if they still love and support each other they appear to have a rock solid marriage and a beautiful young family .Denmark please do not go down the. road of republic for your country you only have to look around you to see the heavy cost this decision may cost you ,for us who are lucky to live in country’s with Royalty as our head let us keep this form of democracy it has saved us well for hundreds of years as the old saying goes “” if it not broke why change it ” that aside may I finish by saying I strongly admire your Royal Family and love your beautiful country and fabulous architecture in the wee small hours of the morning when heath problem that I have luck in with considerable discomfort I turn to social media and invariably look up your wonderful country and its institutions .Long live your queen and Prince consort .

        • Troels Mortensen

          They are indeed very popular, there is always some that talk of a republic, but support for switching to republic is miniscule. Even the slogan for the republicans is something along the lines of “We’d rather vote for you Margrethe”, alluding to the fact that if there was a change and she ran for president, opinion polls have given her a 96% vote. even politicians that have it as part of their official program don’t table a switch, since they know they could never hope to even muster enough votes in parliament to put it to a vote in the public.

  • Eldyrah

    Those rumours are just rubbish. Queen Margrethe will never abdicate. No matter how hard some people want her to. She said again last September in an interview ” Frederik will be King when I’m no longer here.” It wasn’t the first time she was asked such a thing and it’s probably becoming increasingly insulting for her. Case closed.

    • Royaltravel

      It tells what a “danish royal Expert” this is. If he was really he would say exactly what you have metioned. That the Queen herself so often repeatdly has said that she will not abdicate.

  • Lalasmiles

    I completely agree with you Eldyrah! I find it rather insulting to constantly speculate acroos media about Queen Margrethe’s abdication, when she – quite often enough, I might add – that this is a life-long position. Which in this case, might be like wishing for her demise. And that’s disgusting! BTW, Bob Turbyfill, Mary will be a queen consort, and not replacing Queen Margrethe. After all, Crown Prince Frederik is the heir to the throne. Lots of people seem to forget that!

  • Donna

    The day Queen Margrethe abdicates is the day Denmark becomes a republic. The mainstream “faker” media can not cover this truth over, just like they could not influence a Trump win.

    Mostly, ill bred foreigners speculating on the death of a monarch was once treason . Seems now they try to claim titles instead. This speculation only comes from one ill bred source and it all wafts from Tasmania.

  • Truely?

    The Australian media stopped playing this speculation a couple of years ago. Seems only to crop up on one of the Tasmanian’s visits, or every other odd year to see if it can make a magazine money. Once they realised it does not, they seem to have dropped the repeated claims. . Of course, no doubt they will see if repeating uk claims help add authority.

    Interesting that the British web and perhaps gossip media are picking this up not so long after the same time frame for a “visit” as seen in Oz, as was done in 2016 to the uk…. Who does the Tassie pay? Danish accounts…Book expenses, yeah, sure…. Truely, i dont expect much from Oz, but do the Brits not have any pride in their work?


    I agree with most of you that abdication talk is probably just speculation, but there’s a part of me that wonders, when these types of rumors go afloat, if it’s someone at the Palace leaking it. Like if they are testing the waters of public opinion before they make a decision, or they want to sort of plant the idea ahead of the actual news to soften the blow.

    In general though, my view is that abdication should not be viewed negatively. Especially if you want to retire, i.e., the Japanese Emperor… you should be allowed to. There’s a nobility to going till the very end, very true. But, if you want to take the time to enjoy retirement before you meet your maker, that’s not terrible either! I know I’m looking forward to not working. 🙂

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