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Prince Carlos of Hohenzollern dies after falling from the 21st floor of Frankfurt hotel

Prince Carlos of Hohenzollern has died at the age of 39 after falling from the 21st floor of a hotel in Frankfurt.

The exact circumstances of the fall remain unclear. However, German newspaper Bild reports that it occurred on Sunday afternoon.

Bild reports that the Prince died immediately at the scene as a result of his injuries.

The Prince had previously made headlines in 2014 after he was convicted of fraud. The 39-year-old should have been released from prison in July. However, according to Bild, he was released on parole.

Prince Carlos Patrick Godehard von Hohenzollern was born in München on 4 December 1978 to Prince Godehard von Hohenzollern and Heide Hansen.

The Hohenzollern family were the once rulers of Germany

They became one of the Electors of the Holy Roman Emperor, Kings of Prussia in 1702 and in 1871 German Emperors.

They stopped ruling after World War I when Germany became a republic. Prussia was abolished by the four allied powers controlling Germany in 1947.

The current Head of the House of Hohenzollern is Prince Georg Friedrich of Preussen.

He recently said in an interview that he does not want Germany to return to a system of Monarchy.

When asked if he would like to become Emperor, he said: “No, I absolutely not. My family has no political responsibility in the country, and I do not want it either. What remains is our cultural responsibility. We have the Hohenzollern castle as a national monument of culture in Berlin and Brandenburg.”

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