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Prince William tackles racism in football

Prince William id President of the Football Association (FA).

Prince William is President of the Football Association (FA).

The Duke of Cambridge heralded the effort of the Kick It Out campaign to end racism in football.

Prince William recently spoke at a dinner to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Football Association (FA). The Duke commended the organisations working tirelessly to end discrimination from the game.

“I am proud of the work of Kick it Out, which is also celebrating an anniversary – its 20th – this year,” said the new father.

Kick It Out is an “organisation (that) works within the football, educational and community sectors to challenge discrimination, encourage inclusive practices and work for positive change,” according to their website.

“There is sadly more work to do, but it is heartening to see how seriously the FA takes stamping the blight of racism and discrimination out of football,” The Duke continued.

The Duke of Cambridge is president of the FA.

In his speech talked about the effects that football has on the world and that British players could encourage the country as they did in 2012 during the Olympics.

The Duke of Cambridge gave a short speech to the dignitaries in attendance.

“Tonight is not just an English celebration,” the Duke commented.

“Football is international in every possible way and I believe that the game’s constantly evolving spirit and appeal is a consolidation of all its global influences.

“Every nation should be proud of their contribution to 150 years of football. With all that in mind, I consider my position as president of the FA to be an honour and a privilege,” commented The Duke in his speech.

The gala was held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, the place where in 1863, English football was born.

“Our national players are role models for millions of young people and I think we need to give those highly pressured and driven players the support and training they need to live up to their rightly exalted status,” stated Sepp Blatter, FIFA President in The Evening Standard.

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