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How Meghan Markle will be the saving grace of the British Royal Family

Royal Central‘s Deputy Editor, Jamie Samhan gives her opinion on why Meghan Markle will be the best addition to the Royal Family. 

Fresh blood always gets the excitement surrounding the royal family up. There is no question that the addition of Meghan Markle will do the same. However, Meghan will bring a different type of light the British Royal Family has been long missing.

Some may argue that one of the best traits of the British Monarchy is it’s air of mystery, being slightly above the rest of us because, without that illusion, what is the point?

Meghan will bring a relatability that in this day and age they need. The actress and humanitarian has made a life for herself long before her prince charming waltzed into her life.

In the day of modern feminism, where a woman can have it all, Meghan proves that point over and over again.

Kate is the child your parents wish you would be, polished and prim, Meghan is the girl we all know we could be. As much as I adore Kate, I see her in her perfect ensembles with her well-dressed children, and I wonder why I am so far off that? Meghan still always looks great, but in a manner where I know I could pop down to the local boutique and be able to pull off a similar look. She is in one word- realistic.
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Same as any two people on the street, Meghan and Kate are two different people with different lives and should not be compared. Still, Meghan’s training with the media through her career has taught her how to behave for the camera. A PR dream, the photographers are drawn to her, and she will grace the covers of countless magazines much in the same way Diana did making us believe she was just like the rest of us.

As his predecessors have done, Prince Charles knows that in order to keep the monarchy going he must change with the time. He has already made it known that when he is Sovereign, he will run a slimmed-down version. The version will include Meghan Markle, who will shine next to Prince Harry as they delight royal fans around the world making one less thing Prince Charles will have to worry about.


  • Orchard 10

    Whilst I wish them every happiness [if they do marry], I must take issue with your choice of words..
    To use the phrase ‘saving grace’ implies the British Royal family is somehow unpopular or ‘on its last legs’.
    NOTHING could be further from the truth. The Cambridge’s and Prince Harry [with their work on Mental Health and ex service personnel], the Duchess of Cornwall with children’s reading skills and osteoporosis, and [of course] the Princes’ Trust have ensured a greater relevance to Society than EVER.
    Ms Markle may well bring other skills, but she will join an already very capable and committed ‘firm’. As well as an incredibly popular one !

    • jdmank

      If you say so you majesty!

      • Sigi

        Yes. Their knees must be rubbed raw from all the royal worship.

    • Sigi

      LOL !!!!!!!!!

      I always thought it was FUNNY the way Waity the Exhibitionist {FLASHER} pushes “mental health” when she so clearly needs it SO BADLY herself. Exhibitionism is a mental disorder.

      And as far as Harry and Baldy….what’s with the threesome ? Hey they need mental counseling ! Two brothers and one wife….kind of kinky.

      No, in fact Petulant William, Scary Harry {who will NEVER marry and for same reason as his prancy brother – except Willy couldn’t escape a marriage as he’s the next after Chuck for the “throne”>}…..they aren’t really impressing anyone. Nor is the flasher , AKA Emma Sayle’s ex party buddy….Waity Kate.

      • PennieP.

        Hey! Sigi.. Get a load of the outfit Pagan is doning.
        Can she EVER wear a blouse, sweater, dress? Or does shopping in the “Men’s section ” of the Charity Shop continue to be her ‘style ‘
        She looks like a slob.. Uggh, I can just image her bed sheets… They must look like a Crime Scene outline… She appears to be dirty all the time.
        A brush through her hair would be a refreshing change.
        The RF has been swirling around the drain for a long time.

        • Sigi

          ha ha ha ha ! She’s a real slob ! I agree. Not very styled or clean looking, exactly.

  • Karen119

    Much the same was said of Sarah Ferguson and we all know how that turned out.

    • Mimi

      The difference is that Sarah while natural did not have much media polish or experience, Meghan on the other hand knows how to carry herself in public.

      • Beverly Lewis

        Well, she is an “actress” isn’t she?? And her “act” so far, has apparently fooled Harry. Feel very sorry for him and his future!

        • susanpub

          Meow! And how well do you know her?

          • Sigi

            Oh shut up and go eat your kibble.

        • Sigi

          Nope he’s not fooled. Everyone needs to wake up and realize, Harry won’t marry anyone. He might not look excessively Gay but he and his prancy brother are in the same league. If he were straight he’d have married by now. It’s all for the cameras, all his “indecision” and “woes”.

      • Sigi

        She does ? LOL ! Looks pretty transparent to me !!! CLIMBER !!!!
        Manipulating, 36 year old, grasping media-Meg.

  • LANcashire lass

    Overstated reaction. Wish them all the best as a couple,and in marriage, if they do I need marry. But please, she is a young woman in love, he is a young man in love, but the saving grace of the royal family is doing a disservice to the rest of the royals.

    • PennieP.

      She’s hardly a “young woman” try pushing 40…pretty long in the tooth for this Fairy Tale BS.

  • Beverly Lewis

    A very poor choice of words to say Meghan Merkle would be the saving grace of the Royal Family!!!Totally disgusted with your thoughts, the Royal Family is doing very well in the eyes of the world with the young royals, Prince William, Kate, and Prince Harry doing much to bring to light mental health issues. Markle, in my opinion, will be a negative influence within the Royal Family, with her “coloured” back

  • Diana Hockley

    Prince Harry is so far removed from the succession to the throne that he can pretty much carve out his own career, which he has done. Megan M appears to be a well put together woman who is used to dealing with the media and should be able to keep out of trouble. The problem is that no matter what the Royal Family does, people go out of their way to pull them down – damned if they do and if they don’t. The one thing they don’t – or rarely – do is answer their critics. The media can say anything they like and do make up stories which are obviously blatant lies – but still the victims can’t say anything. Some of the vicious comments I have seen relating to news “stories” defy description and say far more about those who say them than the one they’re talking about.

    • Sigi

      Has he really ? What’s he done lately ? I know IT’S SO SAD when parasitic globalists are just , insulted and, stuff !!!!!!!!! oooooooh.

      • PennieP.

        Hey! SIGI!!! they are ” victims ” now?
        Ha! And can’t answer to the negative press… Well, here is an idea : behave and act Royal. There. Problem solved.

        • Sigi

          Right, the RF are clowns and need to go away and give up.

  • IstvanIN

    I have a bad feeling about this woman. I just do.

    • Sigi

      Yeah the RF are already pathetic enough without adding another idiot, they already suffer enough with Waity. And they sucked to begin with.

    • PennieP.

      Google her… She’s a pariah, if someone else crosses her path with more money, recognizable.. Off goes ger panties and in to the bed.

  • PennieP.

    Boutique? Make me laugh.
    She looks like she jumped out of the Charity Shop Dust Bin.
    Ragged pants, oversized men’s shirts, ratty hair with a gap in her extensions..
    Slob needs to take a long weekend in a luxury Spa and get a make over. Yuck!

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