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Newspaper front pages – October 25

As soon as the official photographs of Prince George’s christening were released at 10 p.m. last night, the newspapers simply had to use them on their front pages.

Some of today’s newspapers have not only one royal story on their front page, but two.

The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail
Daily TelegraphDaily Mail

The Daily Telegraph is one of the few newspapers that features the now historic photo of three heirs and a monarch in one picture, the first of its kind in the UK in almost 120 years.

The Daily Mail’s front page may be confusing to the people who do not follow royalty being as the headline does not describe the image. What does Prince Charles becoming king have to do with the christening picture of Prince George with his parents? Well, they are two separate stories on the front of the Mail. Their main story is that of Prince Charles but they would certainly lose readership if they did not show at least one of the christening photos on their front page.

The Sun and the Daily Mirror

The SunDaily Mirror

In addition to having a poppy and featuring a christening picture, the Madeleine McCann story features prominently in all the tabloids, having had non-stop front page coverage for the last fortnight.

The Sun is the only other British newspaper that today features the three heirs photo. In case you are confused, they have labelled the heirs in order of succession.

The Daily Star uses the other main picture on today’s front pages, that of The Prince and his parents. Prince George’s expression in that photo certainly makes the newspaper look very friendly… ‘One’s little ‘un’ certainly.

Page 6 (Sun)

Page 6 of today’s Sun

The Daily Express and the Daily Star
Daily ExpressDaily Star

The Daily Express’ choice of photo is also George sat with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Again, much like yesterday, they remind us that George is three months old. In an issue labelled a ‘souvenir edition’, the story about 100mph winds at the bottom seems rather inappropriate. Incidentally, the Daily Mirror says the winds will only be 90mph… One has to be wrong?

The Daily Star is certainly the less extravagant of today’s tabloids with a section on the left featuring the same photo.

As for The Guardian, The Independent and the ‘i’, there is just no need to cover them in this paper review as there are no royal stories on their cover. In fact, The Independent did not cover Prince George’s christening at all yesterday… not a thing in the whole newspaper! …Oh wait, except at the very bottom page, the whole of The Independent’s christening coverage:

Page 27 (independent)

The Independent can hardly contain their excitement over Prince George’s christening.

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