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Edward and Sophie lead thanks for council workers during pandemic

The Earl and Countess of Wessex have released a short video honouring the “unsung” Local Resilience Forums in Wessex for their work during the pandemic.

The video, which was shared on the Royal Family’s Twitter account Thursday, was part of a larger #ThankfulThursday post by the Royal Family to thank key workers at councils who are responding to the pandemic in their neighbourhoods.

“During this time of great challenge, we want to pay tribute to those of you who through the Local Resilience Forums are managing to keep the essential services operating within the county,” the earl said in the video. “Your rule may be unsung, but do not underestimate the value that your various skills, assets, and experiences bring.”

The Countess of Wessex continued with her own message of thanks. “And of course you’re all professionals, looking after volunteers as well as being volunteers yourselves. Thank you for what you’re doing and thank you also to your families who are supporting you and allowing you to do this important work. On behalf of all the people of Wessex, thank you all for stepping forward and doing what you’re doing.”

Local Resilience Forums are partnerships between councils and public services such as the police, fire departments, and the NH, which respond to emergencies at a local level.

The Royal Family also thanked other council workers, sharing a video from the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Govt about the overwhelming number of meals that have been delivered during the pandemic.

Councils and local volunteers have now delivered more than 1.5 million food packages to vulnerable residents who haven’t been able to leave their homes to get groceries and other essentials.

Fire and rescue services who have been delivering medication to the vulnerable also have been honoured on the Royal Family’s account, as well as the work councils have been doing to help address residents’ mental health.

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