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General election incoming​ – Boris Johnson looks set to lose his majority this week


The United Kingdom is edging closer and closer to a General Election as Boris Johnson’s government looks set to lose its majority in the House of Commons.

The government, which currently has a Parliamentary majority of just one MP, will likely be forced into an early general election as Conservative MPs face expulsion from the party.

This comes after the Prime Minister issued a threat, saying any MP that defies him and votes to block a no deal Brexit will lose the party whip.

The Conservative party led by Mr Johnson currently only has a parliamentary majority of just one MP. This arithmetic already takes into account the confidence and supply arrangement entered with the Democratic Unionist Party.

This means if just one Tory MP either resigns or is expelled from the party, Mr Johnson will not be able to command a majority in the House of Commons, meaning he will have to travel tp Buckingham Palace to inform The Queen that an election needs to take place.

MPs who are facing expulsion from the Conservative Party are known as the ‘Gaukward Squad’ led by former Lord Chancellor David Gauke. Other members include former Chancellor Philip Hammond and Father of the House Ken Clarke.

Who is in the Gaukward Squad?

Former International Development Secretary Rory Stewart has already indicated that he will vote against the government, almost certainly eliminating Mr Johnson’s majority.

By the end of the week, it is entirely possible that between 10-20 MPs have the whip removed, making a General Election inevitable.

The Queen is watching events closely from Balmoral Castle.