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The Royal Household: Page of the Chambers

<![CDATA[The Page of the Chambers is accountable for the arrangement of the State rooms as well as staging the ceremonial aspects of functions such as the Queen’s daily receptions, audiences, appointments and investitures.
The Page is also responsible for serving arrangements at cocktail parties and other events.
He supports the Palace Steward in the Master of the Household Department.
The Page of the Chambers oversees the Pages of Presence and if required the Pages of the Backstairs.
The position was created in 1842 with the first holder, John Henry Heller. Heller was a courier to Prince Albert.
The Page of the Chambers duties during that time period required him to prepare the guest apartments and to oversee any servants that accompanied guests.
The Page was also an attendant in the Queen Victoria’s Drawing Rooms in the evening.
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