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Public will be responsible for an additional £250,000 bill during Princess Eugenie’s wedding

It was first announced that the British public would be responsible for an estimated £2 million security bill for the wedding of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank. The Mirror is now revealing that another £250,000 clean-up bill will be footed by the taxpayer.

Included in that cost are barriers, stewards and portable toilets.

A royal source told The Mirror: “The spiralling public costs of this event are raising eyebrows.”

Princess Eugenie is ninth-in-line to the throne and not a working royal compared to her cousin Prince Harry who also married in Windsor earlier this year. The bill for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding this year came in at £1.25million and town hall was handed back £1.08million of that.

Unlike Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the major networks are less excited to air Princess Eugenie’s wedding. BBC turned the rights down, but ITV stepped in to provide coverage.

Labour MP Emma Dent Coad, an outspoken voice against the monarchy, noted: “It is disappointing that we have to foot the £2million bill for security for her dream of driving in an open-topped carriage through Windsor.

“I can only imagine Windsor will once again have to clear the streets of the homeless.

“What a very touching gift it would be for Eugenie to forgo her dream of a carriage ride and to send a generous donation to local homelessness services.”

A representative of the anti-monarchy group, Republic said: “Fairytale royal weddings come at a nightmarish cost.

“These costs to the local council, on top of the over £2million bill for security, just go to show that while the public face endless budget cuts the royals continue to enjoy the limitless spending.”

Republic started a petition against the estimated security bill. 

Their website read: “A royal wedding is a private, personal event, dressed up as a national occasion. That lets the royals use weddings as PR exercises and expect the taxpayer will pay a large part of the costs.

“If the royals want to turn Eugenie and Jack’s big day into a public event, they need to pick up the bill – all of it.

“The Palace claims the wedding will be funded by the royal family, but royal funding blurs the lines between private income and public money. So, whether it’s the cost of policing paid for directly by us, or costs of the wedding ceremony, paid for by the royals, the taxpayer still ends up paying.”

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank will wed on 12 October in Windsor. Royal Central will have full coverage.


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