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Princess Beatrice attends 2016 Asia Game Changer Awards

On Thursday evening, Princess Beatrice of York attended the 2016 Asia Game Changer Awards Dinner at the United Nations in New York City. This dinner was to honour Dr Sanduc Ruit (C). The Princess and Charles Rockefeller presented the award-winning Nepali eye surgeon with his Asia Society Asia Game Changer award.

Asia Game Changers seeks to recognise those who make a ‘transformative’ and ‘positive’ difference in both Asia and the rest of the world. The great doctor has spent decades doing exactly this. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Ruit has returned sight to hundreds of thousands of cataract patients in Nepal and other countries in the developing world, many of whom are poor.

During the surgical procedure, he utilises inexpensive intraocular lenses. Once more, he has taught his technique to other eye surgeons for them to move forward to help other patients in need.

Earlier this month, Princess Beatrice went on a 9-day South Asia tour where she traveled with Dr. Ruit and observed his work and to promote free eye care. During the informal tour, the princess visited Nepal, India, and Bhutan, where she met with the royal family. Her visit was also on behalf of the team from the Franks Family Foundation (FFF). The free microsurgical cataract program takes place at the Jamgon Kongtrul Eyes Centre. The centre is working in collaboration with Nepal’s Tilganga Eye Centre, the esteemed Dr. Sanduk Ruit runs the centre.

Whilst on her tour, Beatrice also spent time with children at Muskan Sewa Nepal Children’s Home, inviting them to lunch and answering all their questions. She also spent time at Nepal’s Tilganga Eye Centre. according to sources, the people were touched by the Princess’s “benevolence” and caring interactions with the people from all the local communities. They were deeply touched by her visit.

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