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Prince Andrew ‘categorically denies’ claims of sexual impropriety

Buckingham Palace have blasted recent allegations that Prince Andrew had sexually abused a 17-year-old girl who claims she was used as a sex slave.
The incongruous accusations have been made after US court documents named him in relation to a case that involved ‘impropriety with underage minors’. The Duke of York has hit back at the claims, insisting any suggestion of any wrongdoing under his name is ‘categorically untrue’.

A woman in Florida has filed a lawsuit where she claims she was forced to have sexual relations with the Prince when she was being ‘loaned out’ to the U.S. multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Mr Epstein, who has recently received an 18-month jail sentence for soliciting paid sex with a minor, is a former friend of the Duke of York. Epstein is accused in the court papers of using the girl as a sex-slave and loaning her out to people.

A spokesman for the Prince has said: “This relates to long-standing and ongoing civil proceedings in the United States, to which The Duke of York is not a party.

As such we would not comment on the detail. However, for the avoidance of doubt, any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue”.

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  • Ricky

    In the absence of concrete proof, I think the Duke of York should be given benefit of the doubt. This isn’t the first time claims like this have been made against members of the Royal Family, and to the best of my knowledge, none have ever been proven.

    Sometimes people do this, thinking that the royals will go to great lengths to avoid having to give testimony in an open court to dispute the charges, and hope they’ll be offered a payoff in exchange for dropping them. Nothing new here.

  • Mason Hatty

    Why does the Queen always wear such big hats?

  • A Jesuit

    Slanderous. Prince Andrew is a man of impeccable character. Anyhow if The Prince were to choose any sort of woman for gymnastics socialization; His choice would probably first be a woman worthy and suitable to his feelings his nature his character. Someone aesthetic like a lovely classy refined educated British Woman. This world is mean with people who go to any lengths to make their mark their fortunes their vengeance……. People can go reptile on other people and the preponderance of evidence weighs upon the accuser. The Prince is a Falklands War leading heroic warrior. The Prince flew dangerous missions as a Royal Navy Helicopter Pilot.

  • Julio Guillermo Sandoval Arias

    Prince Andrew SHOULD EXPRESS HIS Sexual Orientation, HE HAS THIS Human Rights, with some Constitution PRIVILEDGES. He COUNTS INDEED WITH AN ADMIRER IN ME. I am HOMOSEXUAL BUT Respectfull ENOUGH TO EVEN DEFEND HIM FROM VIRTUAL MEDIA. I perceive HE’S A KIND PERSON. We all are HUMANS AND Half-The-Time WE ACCOMPLISH WITH Constitution, SEVERAL ACT Could be. Dot. AFTER THAT… Laws are Laws, Constitution is Constitution. (Julié-Vox-O.N.U; Voice of United Nations; ME, Homosexual-Ateist-Civil). S.O.S.! Human Rights 4 Me! Alimentary Rights NOT ACCOMPLISHED AT ALL, AND THE Human Rights of Homosexual-Ateist-Civil of PEACE & Peacefull Good-Treatments 4 me, and Corrects ATEIST HOMOSEXUALS and Believers HOMOSEXUALS TOO.

  • I’m now convinced that this is the only picture you have of Prince Andrew. I just read two more recent stories where you used the same one, and this one uses it *twice* — one of them is just blown up. I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

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