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Theresa May set to go to war with The Queen after the Prime Minister scraps seven royal charters

Theresa May is set to have her first major dispute with Her Majesty The Queen as the British Prime Minister plans to scrap seven royal charters.

Mrs May is planning to axe royal charters from the UK’s research councils which generates £3billion per year into university laboratory funding, which helps discover some major scientific breakthroughs.

A royal charter is independent from the government and gives scientists the freedom to carry out research of their choice. However, if the charter is removed from the independence of the Crown, there are fears that there will be political interference.

This is likely to anger The Queen when the issue will be raised at one of her weekly audiences with the Prime Minister. It is likely to be Mrs May’s first row with the monarch since taking office in July

Constitutional expert David Rogers has said: “The Queen will hit the roof and it will cause a huge dust-up with the PM.

“This could turn into Mrs May’s first row with Her Majesty since she became PM.

“The Queen is likely to raise it with Mrs May at one of their weekly audiences before she signs it into law.”

The changes have been proposed by Universities minister Jo Johnson, as part of a wider scheme to revamp higher education.

Under his shake-up of the system, Mr Johnson wants the seven royal charters to merge into one body called ‘UK Research and Innovation.’

A spokesperson from the Department for Education said: “UK Research and Innovation will ensure the UK is equipped to carry out more world-class ­multidisciplinary research.

“All individual research councils will retain their autonomy, with individual funding streams and will continue to have authority on decisions within their discipline.”

Buckingham Palace has declined to comment, saying: “We wouldn’t comment on the Queen’s ­audiences with the Prime Minister.”

  • Finlay Dodd

    Save the charters. The government have taken far to much away from the monarchy as it is. Tell the PM point blank NO, it’s not happening.

  • jacqueline

    Her Majesty the Queen of England and Commonwealth countries! you Mrs May a possibly one term prime minister for England!
    Could you please back off of our Gan Gan. thank you´ our Queen bless her. has been Queen ever since some of the people can remember, she has seen many of you coming and going in the house number 10 Downing Street. she is not to be treated like you are treating her Mrs May. so don´t start OK?

  • Reinaldo Martinez

    “Theresa May set to go to war with The Queen after the Prime Minister scraps seven royal charters”

    “Theresa May is set to have her first major dispute with Her Majesty The Queen”: Teenage managed (Royal?) Central.

    Both headlines are needlessly alarming, grossly exagerated and unnecessary rude.

    PM Theresa May, won’t (in fact no PM ever would) dream of setting “to go to war” with HM Queen Elizabeth II. The UK GOvt. is not a box ring, a Bellator fighting hexagon or a cockfighting arena. These two ladies deal with their affairs in the manner Monarchy usually do: with tact, charm, pro and con discussions and free expresions of their convictions, and ideas. The result comes always trhough a highly (the highest, I’d say) civilized manner. No room for “major dispute”, or “war” in the Parliament/Crown exchange of views.

  • Duke

    Editor-in-Chief Proctor, your overly dramatic and technically incorrect headline is more worthy of a tabloid publication rather than “Royal Central”. You penned an admirable, if slightly disingenuous piece, yesterday wherein you gave the distinct impression that you, as Editor-in-Chief, would never require one of your journalists to sensationalize stories (I presume you were also referring to the “bait and switch” headline formula) to entice reader traffic. Having worked in the print media for more than 25 years, I quite understand how noble ideals can rapidly disintegrate, when the “traffic” slows to almost a standstill. Unfortunately, the majority of us in the media realize, early in our careers, that ideals and ethics don’t always translate to circulation figures and advertising revenue.

  • Malcolm Alexander

    The height of discourtesy to assume that you know what Her Magesty will do to any proposal. Are you simply trying to gain publicity for yourself, as it certainly looks that way. Her Magesty will consider any proposal pur forward and if it seems appropriate she may well sanction it. Please do stop trying to get headlines for yourself.

  • A power grab for the ignorant. Hail, hail the return of Safe Tobacco, The Global Warming Hoax and Safe Coal.

  • Sergiy Michael

    Well, to be honest.the majority of UK non-commercial biological research is frankly just the grant consumption.. no novelty.. often prior research reiterated. . Such a waste of public money

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