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The Queen’s workload so far this year is up more than 25% from 2017

The 92-year-old’s workload increases by 25%

The Queen’s workload has increased by more than 25 per cent compared to the year 2017.

Research conducted by royal journalist Patricia Treble of Write Royalty shows that Her Majesty has conducted more than 125 engagements so far in 2018 – a huge increase on the previous year.

This could be down to a variety of factors, not least because of a bout of ill health the monarch suffered in January 2017 when she was forced to cancel a series of appearances due to a severe cold.

The Queen turned 92-years-old in April, yet has the stamina of a 29-year-old and is still one of the most active members of The Royal Family.

In recent years she has been decreasing the number of engagements that she carries out, with the younger royals taking up a heftier workload.

That being said, so far this year, Her Majesty has carried out more engagements than the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

In total, The Queen conducted 296 engagements last year. She is on track at the moment to reach the 300 mark by the end of December.

The Prince of Wales clocked up an impressive 546 engagements last year making him the ‘hardest working royal’.

Princess Anne conducted six fewer having carried out 540 engagements.

At this moment in time, there appears to be a similar trend among the siblings, with Charles having carried out the most engagements so far in 2018, followed by Anne, then Edward, and then Andrew.

However, the number of engagements conducted doesn’t necessarily equate to how hard a royal works. Some engagements take five minutes for example, whereas others can take three hours.

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