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Royal Central Q&A: The end of Queen Elizabeth’s Reign

This week we will be looking at the end of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Many questions have been submitted on the topic, including those of who will succeed Her Majesty as Sovereign.

Next week we will be answering questions on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, however, please refrain from gossip-related questions. We are here to answer questions fact-based questions, not speculation! You can submit all of them here.

  • Paul brandford

    Why are you talking about such things?
    Remember the age of the Queen Mother when she died!

  • joann

    I hope that William will be the next King he is much younger and Charles is much to old and unpopular with almost everyone.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen

    ROFL at the first question about what happens when HM dies… coming from someone named “Charles”.

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