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Queen’s Christmas Message 2015

Her Majesty’s Christmas message is broadcast around the Commonwealth

The Queen’s Christmas message has been broadcast on television and radio in the United Kingdom and around the Commonwealth.

Recorded at Buckingham Palace, the 2015 Christmas message features The Queen’s reflection of events which have happened over the past year, as well as looking on forwards.

The 89-year-old Monarch’s religious beliefs played a big part in this year’s message, much more than in previous years.

Her Majesty spoke of the troubles that people have been subjected to from the past year and quoted a verse which she said gave hope.

She said: “It is true that the world has had to confront moments of darkness this year, but the Gospel of John contains a verse of great hope often read at Christmas carol services: ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it'”.

Her Majesty also reflected on the fact that this year marks 70 years since the end of the Second World War and she extended her thanks to those who took part in the conflict and the sacrifices they made.

A Christmas Day message has been delivered by the monarch to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth most years since 1932.

The first Christmas message was broadcast over 80 years ago over the radio from Sandringham by the Queen’s grandfather George V. This was one of the defining moments of the 20th century and set out a long lasting tradition that no monarch has broken.

The 2015 Christmas message was produced by ITN and was broadcast today at 15:00 GMT on BBC1, ITV, Sky 1 and Sky News, as well as BBC Radio 4 and Classic FM.

The speech is expected to be one of the most watched and listened to the programs of the festive period. 7.8 million viewers tuned in last year from the UK alone.

  • johnson

    this is sure to enrage the satanic forces. . .

    • Jeff Rowe

      Shirley you jest.

    • Ricky

      Imaginary forces are incapable of rage.

  • Merry Christmas to the Queen & her People !

  • Jeff Rowe

    How’s England doing these days? Good thing you beat them evil Germans, huh! Alluaha Akbar?!

  • Peter William Fremlin

    Your Majesty,
    Since day one you have been an advocate of your message @ 5:48 of sharing the love, and a beacon of hope for so many throughout the World.
    Merry Christmas

  • judynz

    Have any NZers taped the Queens original Message?? Serves me right for not watching.

  • Serena Morris

    I love England and it’s culture and people, but seriously does the Queen really believe the custom of a Christmas tree started with her royal ancestors?

  • Jan Davidson

    I would also like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Queen and all her family. I have always loved to watch the Queen’s Christmas message as she is such a wonderful woman and I have always enjoyed following the Royal family. I was supposed to be given the middle name of Elizabeth when I was confirmed, but my mother had to go in to have emergency surgery and my God mother took me instead. She could not remember the name she was to give me, so rather than get it wrong, she didn’t give a middle name. Therefore I do not carry the Queen’s name in mine, but did give my oldest granddaughter the middle name of Elizabeth and told her the story that went with it. My mom was a big fan of Queen Elizabeth and was happy that we passed on the name that she wanted me to have so that it would live on. My granddaughter loves to tell her friends about the fact that she was named after the Queen of England. I have always loved the Queen also for the fact that my grandfather was born in England and my grandmother looked a great deal like Queen Elizabeth. Every year when I watch the Queen’s Christmas message it’s like getting to see my own grandmother who has been gone for too many years now. This years message was even more special to me as I just lost my mother a week before Christmas. And although it is true that the first Christmas after losing a loved one is the hardest, I know that my mom will always be with me as long as I remember her in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Queen Elizabeth for your little bit of help to make me get though this first Christmas without my mom.

  • Muhammad D.A

    Merry Chritmas for the Queen and their familiye & her people of UK , and for anything for glory for her state…Thanks for the all of the inspiration for my (as private) live, all for beloved. Sorry for my english is not the patient.

  • Mohamad Javad Khodadoust


    i send you my hottest congratulation on 90th your birthday;
    From the bottom of my heart I want you to look for inner baby to see Hemingway`s writing theme.
    The biggest life issue is linking my trilogy love with you; linking my love with you; linking our love with you.
    The great Shakespeare (little prince that we know) says: Release your love; if it comes back it will be yours; if it does not come back; it will not be yours from the first.
    For your lovely eyes; For your courtly eyes; For your light; infantine; and nevereless hideous eyes; maybe duel is not the last way.
    But it is a selection: To achieve you. To achieve a baby`s great dreams. Because of this the sky rains on hearts. Because of this I walk and think: I will never understand Shakespeare. I will never understand Hamlet. It is better to take my way and I go for from here.
    When you come to my heart`s island; come slowly and do not say: I am tired. Do not say: I don`t believe in butterflies. Say: I believe in “becoming and becoming”. Say _ when you drink a cafe _ why is it not snowing? And I will take your hand and I will become cold. You have erected of Christmas in my heart. The same as Oliver Twist.
    Where do I begin to tell love story?
    I prepare to duel for you and your Cabin till I die; and the gentleman will give me of the wine. The wine makes me hopeful.
    “Unless he drops his spit…sky embosoms…and you come to my heart island.”
    The time I will show to Lord my infantine smile.
    Sincerely yours: m. j. Khodadoust

  • Mohamad Javad Khodadoust

    Have QUEEN ELIZABETH II written a memories book? If HER MAJESTY let`s me; i say: i know what a baby think about. Does HER MAJESTY think about her love with all her heart? Maybe. Do you know? Sometimes a trumpeter plays a rare musical. If I am not mistaken; I understand that…what? I flee instead of you all. I don’t try to trust someone..
    Then what is love? People must know that love is my existence. I don’t understand the rest; but I have stood up beyond this door for thousand years. Now I am tired. I want to come back. I want to lose myself in desert; in jungle; in roads. I want to lose myself in sea. In the sea; the skyline was becoming red color; color of tired; color of hope; color of Lord`s braids; color of my love.
    But I also saw The God Works there. Artistic creativity is this. Thanks God. So I drink to QUEEN ELIZABETH II good health. Sorry: British brand`s wine just is mine..

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